Everything to know about all four college bowl games on Dec. 27

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The 2022 College Football Bowl season will feature four games on Tuesday, December 27. Here’s a rundown of today’s match and some caveats. Looking for bowl game scores? Check them out here. Looking for bowl game picks? Check them out here.

OK, I’ll admit that MAC’s recent bowl futility may hold, but the Bulls needing to beat low-ranked Akron to qualify don’t inspire confidence. This may come as a surprise, as the Southerns had a lot of close matches.

Not all 6-6 records are created equal. The Aggies needed to overcome his four-game losing streak early on to get here, but the Tigers’ . There was also a fan who leaked.

The Chanticleers’ defense burned out in their final two outings. The Pirates are capable of hitting big numbers and will be happy to demonstrate this after last year’s bowl games were cancelled.

The slow kick-off time and the combination of two teams in transition make this a dubious proposition. The Cowboys have QB Spencer Sanders sidelined and the Badgers, like most of their Big Ten West brethren, haven’t exactly lightened up the scoreboard.

This article originally appeared in USA TODAY: What’s Today’s Bowl Game? Four College Football Game Schedules to Watch

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