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Skykomish Food Bank serving hot meals to residents, still without power since Dec. 23

More than 700 people were still without power in the Skykomish and Baring areas Wednesday afternoon. Some of these residents have had no reliable power since before Christmas Eve.

The Skykomish Harvest Food Bank is running on generators, with volunteers providing hot meals to those without power starting Monday.

“We had a power outage early Friday morning, so we had a power outage on Christmas Eve, which is Christmas Day,” said Karen Stablado, treasurer of Skykomish Harvest Food Bank.

Stubrud said the entire town was hit by a massive power outage. There was some hope Tuesday night, but it was short-lived, she says.

“It came on at 10pm and quickly went off again at 2:30am. So we had 4.5 hours of power, enough to heat people’s hot water tanks and shower. We’ve had a power outage since the 23rd,” Stubrud said.

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People there are used to the occasional blackout, but its length is unusual.

“Some people literally don’t have fireplaces, and some people have propane but start running low on propane,” Stubrud said. That’s why we want to open this up.We need a warm place, hot food.”

The Alexanders have a generator at home, but due to power outages and road closures, they made a long drive to Leavenworth this week to get some fuel. They were grateful for the warm meal on Wednesday.

“It’s always nice when the annual power outages or floods hit, or when the community comes together and provides hot food,” said David Alexander.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) estimates that about 760 people were without power in the Skykomish and Baring areas and 9,500 people in the Skykomish Valley on Wednesday afternoon.

PSE spokesperson Gerald Tracy said: “We hope that today’s winds have calmed down and the weather has improved significantly for all recovery efforts.

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We caught up with the busy PSE crew on May Creek Road on Wednesday to replace the highline poles. It’s in an area that Tracy says suffered a lot of wind damage.

“Since last Thursday, our crew has been working day and night, every day, because last night it was snow to ice to wind,” Tracy said.

Meanwhile, according to Karen Stubrud, the Skykomish Harvest food bank is always looking for volunteers to help cook and staff the food bank. We also accept donations to the food bank online.

Stubrud estimates that food banks help about 20 to 25 households a day.

“They like to come and visit, too, and take what they need from the food bank so they can take it home,” she said.