Food disparities rise in Louisiana as a result of federal aid cuts and inflation

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Food insecurity is on the rise in Louisiana, according to a study by America Without Hunger They say it’s because of inflation and the cost of food.

Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg says more than 47,000 Louisiana residents have gone without food in just one week.

“Louisiana still maintains a very outdated federal minimum wage level of $7.25 an hour, which has not been raised in over a decade. Shocked they don’t have enough money for food. should not receive

Based on an analysis of federal data, the number of people without enough food in Louisiana jumped 26% in seven days, and across the country, it jumped 30%. Hunger Free America attributes the surge in food insecurity to the expiration and inflation of children’s tax credits and free school meals.

Berg says some families in Louisiana have been forced to skip meals as a result.

“There are many parents who refuse food to make sure their children get the food they need, and many who cannot afford healthier food. The fact that it’s failing so badly hits the country’s morals,” Berg said.

Berg said residents in need can contact the National Hunger Hotline at 1-8-6-6 Free Hungry. He says people can also help nonprofit supporters.

“You can reach out to elected officials and get them to do more. You can volunteer anywhere in the country, including Louisiana, at,” Berg said. .

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