Woman In US Dies After Blizzard Traps Her Inside Her Car

Dan Smith

Ander Taylor's family shared photos of her and asked strangers for help.

A 22-year-old woman died while waiting in her car after being caught in a snowstorm in Buffalo, New York. Anndel Taylor's car got stuck in snow caused by a blizzard on her way home from work Friday afternoon. Extreme weather has killed more than 50 of her people nationwide so far. Videos and photos posted by social media users show cars completely covered in a thick layer of snow, forcing residents to spend time inside ice-covered homes. READ ALSO | 'It's Like a Frozen World': Cars and Homes Covered in Snow in the United States But extreme weather has dealt a devastating blow to Taylor's family in Charlotte. She sent her family the final video from inside the car. That video showed the car stuck in the snow and the wind howling outside. "I don't know if any of us really knew how serious it was. I didn't see the news. In Buffalo." I really didn't know what was going on," he said. -tv set. Taylor planned to wait in her car until the storm subsided before heading home. However, she was found dead in her car. Her family said she was stuck in the car for 18 hours. After Taylor shared the video, the family made desperate pleas to paramedics and strangers to help find her. Exact time is unknown. Tomesia, Taylor's other sister, said: "Everyone who tried to approach her felt stuck. Fire department, police, everyone stuck." The official cause of death is unknown, but Taylor's mother believes she died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Taylor would have turned 23 in January.

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