Woman charged for allegedly stabbing unfaithful boyfriend and hitting him with car

Dan Smith


"The actions people take when they receive unwelcome news can make a bad situation worse for everyone involved.

A Matapan woman has been charged with hitting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend with a car, according to Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden's office. Lashonda Warner, 27, is being held in lieu of $5,000 bail. She is charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and leaving the scene of an accident after causing personal injury. Warner is scheduled to appear in court in March for a pretrial hearing. Boston Police have responded to a report of a person who was hit by a car on Manchester Street in Matapan around 9:30 pm on December 23rd. Upon arrival, officers found his 28-year-old victim bleeding from a puncture wound in the abdomen. an official said. The victim was uncooperative with police, but witnesses told officers that a silver Honda Accord made a three-point turn in the street and crashed into two cars, which then crashed into the victim. Officers also found a trail of blood at the scene. They tracked it down and found a pink folding knife covered in blood, officials said. The victim was taken to Boston Medical Center. He remains in the intensive care unit as of Tuesday. Police issued a warning to other officers with a description of the vehicle. Shortly after, a State Police officer pulled over a vehicle matching his I-93N description near Exit 15B. Officers found blood on the car's front grill, officials said. According to Hayden's office, Warner, who was behind the wheel, later admitted to police that she beat and stabbed the man because he told her he had been unfaithful in their relationship. “The actions people take when receiving unwelcome news can make a bad situation worse for all involved. '' Hayden said in a statement.