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Woman arrested for striking stopped police car on I-271, then driving away: Beachwood police blotter

Beachwood, Ohio —

Hit Skip: I-271

At 7:55 p.m. on December 24, while the crew was tending to a malfunctioning vehicle on I-271 southbound, the vehicle skidded in the snow, struck a guardrail, and then crashed into the crew’s cruiser. I got hit in the rear. No officers were in the car at the time.

The driver then backed up and drove off. Officers were able to obtain the vehicle’s license plate number. The driver was later stopped by police in Warrensville Heights. A 30-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested and charged with hit-skipping.

Auto Theft: Chagrin Boulevard

On December 20th at 9:00 am, a 57-year-old man from Asheville, New York reported that his car had been stolen from the Beachwood Apartments lot at 23511 Chagrin Blvd.

Psychiatric Conditions: Mercantile Road

At 5:10 pm on December 20, police were called to Beechwood Internal Medicine, 23250 Mercantile Road. There, a 27-year-old Bedford patient was speaking to a caregiver about thoughts of suicide or murder. EMS took the man to his Ahuja Medical Center at 3999 Richmond Road for evaluation.

Scam: Richmond Road

At 6:30 pm on December 20, a 61-year-old Beechwood man reported being the victim of a $17,000 scam. The scam started when a man was contacted by text message from someone claiming to represent the bank and was instructed to call the phone number.

Scam: Green Road

At 1:30 pm on December 20, a company representative went to the lobby of the police station to report that a fraudulent check for $6,300 had been credited to the company’s account.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 5:15 pm on December 21, a Cleveland Heights woman, 60, was arrested for stealing socks from Dillard’s in Beechwood Place Mall, 26300 Cedar Road.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 7:45 pm on December 21, police arrested a Euclid woman, 19, for stealing merchandise totaling $263 from Dillard’s.

Auto Theft: Chagrin Boulevard

At 3:45 pm on December 21, a 55-year-old Beechwood woman reported having her car stolen from the Beechwood Apartments property.

Vandalism: Cedar Road

Police were called to Beachwood Place at 3:00 pm on December 22nd. There, a 31-year-old Cleveland man caused a stir after arguing with another man. During that altercation, a Cleveland man threw a drink that damaged Sax’s six pairs of shoes on his Fifth Avenue. The shoes, which totaled $5,325, were damaged beyond repair.

The man had been banned from returning to the mall due to a previous incident.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 12:50 pm on December 22, police arrested a Cleveland woman, 27, for stealing $296 worth of clothing from Dillard’s.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 8:55 pm on December 22, police arrested a Cleveland woman, 29, for stealing two packs of shirts totaling $59.50 from the Dillards.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 2:00 pm on December 23, police arrested a man and a woman who were with them for stealing clothing from Dillard’s. Her 36-year-old man from Cleveland stole a total of $988.48 in merchandise and a 19-year-old Cleveland woman he stole $829 worth of merchandise.

Theft: Cedar Road

At 3:40 pm on December 24, police arrested a 23-year-old Mayfield Heights woman for stealing $110 worth of bottles of cologne from Dillard’s.

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