Window Shop with Car and Driver

Dan Smith

this is car and driver Celebrate the magnificence of itself.First issue, then branded sports car illustration, was published in 1955. In 1961, then-editor Karl Ludwissen launched a monthly magazine car and driverThen, in the January 1983 issue, the annual 10 Best List was introduced, and the editorial mission blossomed into incandescent purpose. Since then it has been nothing short of a great choice. 40 years of brilliance.

Ok, Renault Alliance was on the first list. It was a mistake. Only that one failure. Great record.

That's why Window Shop, the much-loved Zoom-based competitive used car shopping show, has taken on the challenge of finding great examples of the cars that made it onto the 10Best list during the first decade of the 10Best era. It is working. It is between 1983 and 1992. The price cap was set at $50,000, but there weren't any options that came close.

Look, the Dodge Daytona was on the 1984 list. That's two mistakes. Only two.

Wait, was the Fiero 2M4 with Iron Duke 4 also on the list that year? Rubbish!

Joining us for this episode is Editor-in-Chief Tony Quiroga. Machiavellian plots have served him very well in his career. He can't stop his hours of fun plotting on YouTube. he found something Ah. . . Sentra. little by little.

Executive editor KC Colwell used his keen insight to find the S-Class Mercedes. Senior Editor Joey Caparella said, CDs history. Road & Track senior editor Jon Parley Huffman, who keeps showing up for these things despite not working here, has found a glorious Acura.

but it is C/D My current favorite freelancer, Jonathon Ramsey, has pulled off this challenge like plywood. See and appreciate the glory of his choice.

Here's a history of the 10 best stories to guide your own guesses. Remember, this episode of Window Shopping was limited to listings generated between 1983 and 1992.

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