Why The Ford Crown Vic Was An Underrated V8 Muscle Car In Disguise

Dan Smith

Crown Victoria's standard V8 engine is an easy muscle car to be a good project car with some serious potential.

Ordinary people think of the police when they hear the word "Crown Vic". For car enthusiasts, the word conjures up a cheap V8 that can turn into a very capable sleeper. The Ford Crown Victoria was first released in his 1991 and has become a major staple of American automotive culture. Nearly everyone can picture the Crown Victoria look whenever they hear the name. The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was first introduced in 1992. It's been the most popular police cruiser for decades, and there are many reasons for that. The main reason was its size. Plenty of legroom was great for keeping those comfortable who unfortunately end up sitting in one of the back seats. Both the driver and passenger seats were comfortable.This popular trunk ford was large and had enough space for the officers to put all their equipment. This engine provided enough power to hunt down speeding drivers and hunt down criminals. RELATED: Here are the coolest hidden features of the Ford Crown Victoria

This is how the Crown Vic was born

1995 Ford Crown Victoria Rear Third Quarter View
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The Crown Victoria was built on the Panther platform. This platform was first used by Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford LTD. Shortly thereafter, Lincoln adopted this platform for its Town Car. In 1980 the Crown Victoria came to fruition and was created as a more luxurious version of the LTD. All vehicles on the platform are equipped with he V8 engines and have undergone many upgrades over the years. The fastest Crown Victoria trim was reserved exclusively for the police. The Crown Victoria was produced and sold from 1991 until it was discontinued in 2011. One of the main problems is poor fuel economy. Averaging 16 mpg on the road and 24 mpg on the highway, the family sedan is pretty disappointing. Police chose to replace the Crown Vic Interceptor with a Ford Explorer. This was because it was bigger, more fuel efficient and modern.

One of America's most reliable cars ever built

2004 Ford Crown Victoria
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The P71 package is what made the Crown Victoria an American automotive legend. This package provided the transmission with an external oil cooler and a higher capacity alternator for the transmission. This made the car the most durable vehicle on the road, with every police force in America trying to get their hands on it. It was rated as "Bulletproof" by. It was very common for Crown Victoria to easily surpass his 300,000 miles. Car enthusiasts usually avoid the Crown Victoria when trying to pull it off, but they may be considering buying one to modify it. He's one of the most affordable V8 cars on the market, and just a few years ago he sold for under $1000. With the right modifications, an old sedan can be turned into a cheap sleeper. RELATED: Here's Why The Ford LTD Crown Victoria Is The Best Demolition Derby Car

Crown Vic is the perfect project car for beginners

Ford Crown Victoria Coupe front quarter view
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Many Crown Victoria owners have made so many modifications to their cars that they run as fast as modern muscle cars. This car has the basics to get a novice or seasoned project car off to a good start. The standard equipment of the Crown Victoria with a V8 engine gave them, first of all, an ample amount of power. Over 4,000 curb weight is another important part of muscle car DNA. It was the last body-on-frame muscle car that gave it a real classic and aggressive feel. They were intended for civilian and police use, and therefore were not very fast. The car's technology may be outdated, but it's still worth the price. Performance modifications, including forced induction, are an obvious choice for speed. Turbocharging or supercharging your 4.8 liter V8 engine can unleash a ton of power and is the easiest way to make your car go faster. Adding forced air intake to your engine is a simple idea, but it can be expensive and take a lot of time to complete. The Crown Victoria is quite heavy, so a reduction in weight could make it a little faster and possibly even better handling. Camshaft upgrades add a good amount of power while keeping the car naturally aspirated. The cold air intake draws cool air into the engine and also adds a little power. Source: Ford