Which is the fastest fully upgraded car in GTA Online during Festive Surprise 2022 event?

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The GTA Online Festive Surprise Snow Event runs through December 28th, 2022, allowing players to earn double rewards for participating in the races. This update makes it the perfect time for players to pick up fast cars and let their opponents eat the dust while earning double cash. Fully upgrade any vehicle for maximum performance. This is what gamers should check before purchasing a set of wheels. The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC adds five new cars to GTA Online's impressive catalog of cars. However, just because it's new doesn't mean it's fast. There is currently only one fast and viable vehicle available for racing. It's a BF Weevil Custom. In this article, we will share everything players need to know.

The BF Weevil Custom is the fastest raceable muscle car in GTA Online

The BF Weevil Custom is a two-door civilian muscle hotrod that has been introduced to the world of GTA Online since The Criminal Enterprises update. Added to the game during Week 4 of the Halloween Event 2022 on October 27, 2022. This car is based on Volkswagen's actual Beetle Rat Rod.

The Weevil Custom has the same overall design as the original Weevil, with some minor cosmetic changes. Here are the new vehicle features players will notice at a glance:
  • wheels have no fenders
  • chopped roof
  • Corresponding round headlamps and tail lamps are equipped with chrome frames only
  • Visible component connecting all four wheels
  • Front boot with spare tire
Gamers will also notice that the muscle car's rear wheels are slightly wider compared to the front wheels. The primary colors of the vehicle are displayed on the cabin and on the upper part of the body. The second one is found on the outer edge of the rim and the lower body of his Weevil Custom. Its interior is mostly in trim colors. Performance wise, the Weevil Custom runs on a flat 4 single cam engine with fully animated pulleys and timing belt. It has a six-speed gearbox with a rear-wheel drivetrain. This vehicle performs well on public roads compared to other muscle cars. It features high acceleration that helps the car reach a staggering top speed of 221.28 km/h (137.50 mph) with the full upgrade. It has a record circuit lap time of 1:05.365 as tested by Broughy. The Weevil Custom is one of the fastest muscle cars to use in racing events and is the fastest car in GTA Online.
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The player can be obtained by modifying a standard Weevil at Benny's Original Motor Works for $980,000. The price is quite reasonable given the high performance of the car. Additionally, the car has several visually appealing customization options that gamers can customize in their own way. Note that channel X is the vehicle's default radio station.
The BF Weevil Custom is one of the best cars to race in GTA Online in 2022 and beyond. With the ongoing Festive Surprise event, fans can easily get double his rewards with the help of this beast. It can be used as a getaway vehicle as well as competing in major events.
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