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Dan Smith

According to one study, the top 5 safest US states at the moment are Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah and Hawaii. Reported by WalletHubHowever, this does not mean that moving here will immediately put an end to all worries about possible attacks, robberies, or car theft. and vehicle security should be checked and strengthened if necessary. This is very important given the rising trend in auto thefts in areas such as California, Washington, D.C., Colorado and Hawaii. Whether you already live in one of these states with a reputation for having high theft rates, or you're simply looking for ways to avoid falling victim to auto thieves, read on.

car thieves have a taste

Car thieves clearly have their own preferences when it comes to which models they like to break into and steal. Knowing the most popular cars that tend to fall into the hands of criminals makes it easier to implement better security measures. American passion for pickup trucks isn't just limited to legal owners. Car thieves also tend to prefer this type of car. In 2021, pickup trucks rank as the top most stolen vehicles in the majority of US states. According to National Insurance and Crime Bureau (NICB) data, pickup trucks were the most stolen vehicles in 36 of the 50 states. Additionally, in his 27 US states, pickup trucks ranked his second most stolen vehicle. When it comes to preferred brands of pickup trucks, full-size Fords and Chevrolets are prime targets for car thieves. The Chevrolet Silverado was reported as the most stolen vehicle in the US in 2021. Chevrolet and Ford pickup trucks, along with GMC Sierra models, accounted for his 14% of all vehicles stolen in the United States. Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Honda CR-V also account for 15% of stolen cars in the US. The NICB reports that nearly 1 million cars will be stolen nationwide in 2021. This data shows an 8% increase compared to last year's data.

How to keep your car from being targeted by thieves?

Whether you're just running errands near your car or at night, in your driveway or parking lot, don't leave your car door unlocked while parked. Always roll up your windows and keep your laptop bag, purpose, smartphone, and other valuables out of sight. If possible, choose only well-lit, secure parking spaces with video surveillance and manned security guards. Make sure the lock and key fob are in original condition and working properly.This way you can avoid lock problems that can leave your car vulnerable in the hands of potential thieves. Contact a car locksmith service such as Locksmithspros.org Also, have the locking mechanism and key evaluated and repaired or replaced as necessary. Consider installing a better alarm in your vehicle and always keep your key fob as far away from your vehicle as possible when not in use.

final thoughts

Keep in mind that while some vehicle types are prone to thieves' easy targets, owner complacency ultimately plays a large role in vehicle theft. This is especially true if the key fob is left inside the car or if the driver leaves the car in a parking lot. Using your common sense and a professional auto locksmith who can recommend additional car security solutions is a must to enhance the protection of any vehicle.