Watch the Original VW Beetle Race a Mini, a 2CV, and a Fiat 500

Dan Smith

Humble people's cars are an extinct species. Years of economic growth and stratospheric marketing budgets have turned the automotive market into a game of status, luxury and excess. So spend this holiday season in the simple car that made the world go round.

The best way to do this is with this new video from TFLClassics. The TFL team pits his four Iconic People's Cars, drawn from four countries, against each other in a shootout. The original Austin Mini, VW Beetle, Citroen 2CV and Fiat 500 line up for acceleration, braking and top speed. None of them offer particularly impressive results, but that's what makes the videos fun.

These cars were never designed with that kind of comparison in mind. Unlike modern car companies, the companies that made these didn't design for 0-60x times and performance metrics. Instead, they offered a bare minimum viable product. The goal was to provide mobility for the maximum number of people at the lowest cost. This is a timely and noble feeling in this moment of 1000 horsepower and his six-figure MSRP madness. To cap off the year, watch him for 16 minutes with a group of true enthusiasts enjoying the simple things.