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Watch ‘reverse bridge’ in the Netherlands that lets cars drive underwater, well sort of

there are several engineering marvel Not only does it look beautiful, it also makes you wonder how it was made. A good example is the American-designed “Reverse Bridge”. Netherlands, The video was shared on Twitter by user Vala Afshar.

The clip shows the car passing over the bridge and disappearing under a strip of water towards the center of the structure, only to appear on the other side. It creates the illusion of disappearing underwater before coming back. The bridge is designed so that the road is actually temporarily submerged, but not only remains dry, but allows boats to pass through the swath of water that flows over the bridge.

The video’s caption reads, “The design of the Dutch ‘Reverse Bridge’ is engineering excellence.” The highway in the video is described as “the coolest road in the world”. It is located near Hardelwijk, a city in the Netherlands. It connects the mainland with a neighboring island called Flevoland, the world’s largest man-made island. Opened in 2002, his Veluwemeer Aqueduct allows vehicular and water traffic to pass through the area without blocking other traffic.

Posted on Thursday, the video has amassed a whopping 4.3 million views. “Why doesn’t America have this?” commented one Twitter user. “Normal people call it a tunnel,” said another. “This is so cool. Will it cost less than a viaduct?” he asked a third.