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Vueron Technology spotlights new LiDAR system to gas up self-driving car tech

bueron technology is debuting what they call a “next-generation” version of the technology that will help self-driving cars detect objects around them and keep passengers and people around the car safe. This could be good news for Florida. Florida has passed a bill to enable self-driving cars on the state’s roads.

The new light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system isview one. ” Vueron calls this technology “the key to mass production.” Self-driving cars won’t be on public roads in large numbers until they’re proven safe.

LiDAR sensors use light waves to scan for obstacles on the road, as opposed to RADAR sensors, which use radio waves.

LiDAR Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas, January 5-8.

Vueron’s CEO said: Joseph Kim.

“At CES 2023, we will showcase our LiDAR-based ADAS solutions based on our automotive experience and expand our domestic and global market opportunities with our partners.”

Vueron’s technology is special in that it uses only one LiDAR sensor. The company has self-driving permits in South Korea, California, and Nevada, all using only one of his LiDARs.

2021, Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Enabling self-driving cars to travel 35 mph or less on Florida roads. “Florida has become a true leader in this conversation. Jeff Brandes, St. Petersburg Republican. “We are seeing this conversation more and more.”

We also modified the regulations for these cars where necessary.

“Related to that, there are some issues with Florida law. For example, do vehicles require windshields?” Do they require side mirrors? Do you have a rear-view mirror? said Brandes. “These things are being looked at in today’s vehicle and Florida law, so this is what we’re trying to address.”

the law continued Measures for 2019 It also has a DeSantis signature, which helped ease the hurdles in getting these cars out on the road.

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