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Video shows car on fire speeding over 100 mph in Detroit

Mark Hicks
detroit news

DETROIT — Michigan State Police have charged a driver who drove more than 160 miles per hour on a portion of Metro Detroit on Wednesday night.

Troopers have been called in to help Detroit police track down a reckless driver, the agency reported in a Twitter post.

After 10:00 p.m., the air force filmed cars speeding through multiple areas.

Voice exchanges between law enforcement officers involved reported that the driver was driving a southbound Hoover at about 120 mph.

The car eventually arrived at Gratiot, heading east, and was seen narrowly avoiding a collision before climbing to nearly 140 mph, officers said in the clip. Its undercarriage was also occasionally flaming.

According to the clip, the driver arrived in Yorkshire, East Detroit, ditched the car and drove off with another person.

Shortly after arriving at nearby Outer Drive, the second vehicle encountered a mob of police cars.

The driver who switched cars was arrested by Detroit police, MSP spokesman Lieutenant Mike Shaw said.

No other details were announced Thursday night. A representative for the Detroit Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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