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Vegas Flight Delays Lead To Rental Car Demand, Prices Skyrocket

Posted: December 27, 2022 09:50h.

Last updated: Dec 27, 2022 09:50.

Many travelers unable to take flights due to winter storm-related delays or cancellations are choosing to rent a car to get home. .

A familiar rental car sign at the airport
A familiar car rental sign at the airport. However, considering the number of flight delays and cancellations, car rental demand and prices have increased this week. (Image: Worksmart)

Rental car prices are also rising rapidly. class, the Las Vegas television station reported on Monday. Given the limited supply and high demand, the question arose as to whether there would be a price gouging.

The cost has definitely doubled, if not tripled,” complained Sandra Curry. class About the rental price tag.

If travelers can’t afford the costs, they may skip visiting relatives this holiday season altogether, she said.

Another traveler, Billy Spencer of Austin, Texas, said. class“I’m paying $1,800 for the day. That’s what the car rental company does. [sic] stuck people. ”

First, Spencer had to drive to Seattle to retrieve his lost package.

“There is no option to return to the airport. No flights for the next few days,” Spencer added.

He said the booking company, SIXT Rent-A-Car, was “the only option.” He booked a car online.

Numerous flights at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas have been canceled or delayed daily as flights have been affected by dangerous winter weather nationwide. It is

Passengers at other US airports faced similar situations.

drive back to vegas

For example, Nevada resident Jay Healy was stranded at the San Diego airport. KSWBSan Diego TV station reported.

I can’t get a hotel room, so I’m just going to call, get a budget car, and head back to Las Vegas,” Healy revealed.

Other customers at San Diego International Airport waited over an hour to see if they could find a rental car.

For example, Kimberly Hamilton chose a rental car and planned to drive her family 20 hours back to Dallas.

However, finding a rental car was not easy. Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is an example.

Gail Northway and her family of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, were waiting for a rental with the goal of driving to Florida instead of flying. WittyMilwaukee TV reported.

But Hertz and Avis told those looking to rent a car that there were no rental cars at the airport unless the customer had already made a reservation, the report added.

Limited supplies have led many frustrated travelers to rent a car with others and share the cost of driving and renting.

Anecdotes of such travel experiences can be found in Florida and California.

For example, a flight from Florida to Cleveland was canceled. Bridget Schuster said she made a stranger a friend as she drove 17 hours through her five states to Ohio. WTSPa Florida television station.

cancellation, delay

As of 7am PT Tuesday, Harry Reid International Airport already had 61 delayed flights.

The airport also had 222 canceled flights, according to data from flight-tracking site FlightAware. This could lead to fewer visitors to Las Vegas casinos during the holiday season.

Nationwide, there are thousands of canceled and delayed flights every day. By 7am PST on Tuesday, the number of domestic canceled flights had already reached 2,897. More possibilities as the day goes on.