UK car output rises 5.7% in November, but lags pre-pandemic levels

Dan Smith

(Reuters) - UK car production rose 5.7% in November from a year earlier, but production levels plunged into a pandemic as global chip shortages and supply chain problems continue to hit. The trade group said it was still a quarter lower than the previous level. on friday.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT), the UK built 80,091 cars in November, six of the past seven months with production up.

"A combination of supply chain shortages, overseas lockdowns and several structural and product changes will hold back production for much of 2022," SMMT CEO Mike Hawes said in a statement. However, there is renewed hope that these problems will begin to ease in 2023.

Production of battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles increased by 18.3% to a total of 29,318 units sold, more than a third of total production in November. Production in this combined segment is up 2.9% in his first 11 months of the same period in 2021.

Domestic production increased by 59.1% to 20,206 units, while exports decreased by 5% to 59,885 units.

November's performance remains weak relative to historical levels, 44.1% below its five-year pre-pandemic average for the month and 25.7% below its 2019 figure.

Reported by Aby Jose Koilparambil, Bangalore.Edited by Maju Samuel

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