Train smashes car partially on railroad in Flagstaff, several people narrowly missed

Dan Smith

Several people managed to escape after being hit by a passing train. Flagstaff On Christmas Eve, the incident was captured on video.

around 1:45 p.m. Route 66 and Ponderosa Parkway, the car came to a partial stop on the track when the railroad crossing arm was lowered. People inside the car were raining out of their cars as they saw the train coming towards them.

Video sent to FOX 10 by Jeff Weingartz shows people walking away from their cars and other cars very close to the railroad. Weingartz said the train had passed, so the car drove up to the crosswalk, after which his arm was lowered again and another train passed in the other direction.

“There were three sets of tracks there, and I think one train passed westbound without incident. The traffic light was red, and there is only room for two cars between the stop line and the track, but there were probably three or four cars piled up in each lane. The ticket gate came down again.The gray car on the left was under the ticket gate when it was lowered.Yeah, yeah, The turnstiles for the eastbound train returned just seconds after the first train had passed.

The Flagstaff Fire Department said the person was treated for injuries and is fine.

Train crash in Flagstaff, Arizona on Christmas Eve 2022