Three Luxury Cars Are Stolen From A Single Holmdel Residence

Dan Smith

HOLMDELL, N.J. — Three cars belonging to one family were stolen late at night the day after Christmas after burglars found a way to force their way into the home, police reported.

Police said three "luxury cars" were stolen from a Colts Drive home between 1:40 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. on December 26. It followed a burglary into a home where, as police described, "there was no forced entry."

Here and in other towns nearby these days, doors and windows are not secured and cars are sometimes stolen when thieves dare to break into a house and find the key fob in a well-visible or conspicuous place. , police have said in recent months.

About two weeks ago, two cars were stolen from a family in Manalapan. The thief broke in through an unsecured door and found the car keys in the wallet. Recently, in that town, he had four cars stolen in separate incidents, two of which had unlocked car keys.

However, recent reports indicate that this is the first time three cars have been taken out of someone's possession at once. In this case, it's probably to find the keys after the thief broke into the house.

Police have called on the public to test whether doors and windows they don't routinely check are locked.

This is an additional responsibility for homeowners, but police say it's the best first line of defense against theft.

Here is some advice from the Holmdel department to help residents keep themselves and their property safe.

The Department recommends a number of safety measures that residents can take to protect themselves and their property.

  • lock all windows
  • Double check any windows you don't use regularly to make sure they are locked.
  • Do not leave your keys in an obvious location right near your front door.

In Hazlett, police posted a reminder a few months ago about a 9pm routine to protect your home. Checklist found at #9PM.

This is a habit that anyone can do. By that time, the car should be locked, valuables removed, keys secure, doors locked (including the door to the garage), and exterior lights on. and make sure the power is off. Accessible unlocked windows - for example garages where someone can sneak in unnoticed. Set an alarm if you have one.

It sounds like a lot of work to do, but police say it will be worth it if it becomes routine.

The Holmdel government is also taking steps. Local governments adopted the Automobile Protection Regulations Ordinance earlier this month, although there are limits to what local laws can be enforced to deter auto thefts as state laws supersede local laws. In Holmdel, "entering or remaining within 20 feet of a driveway, paved surface, or parked motor vehicle knowing that you are not permitted to do so." that is illegal. read. Those convicted may face fines and imprisonment.

The Holmdel Township Commission also approved the purchase of an Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) in September to scan the license plates of passing vehicles to identify vehicles used in crimes. The fixed plate reader will add to the mobile scan readers already available to the police department.

At the state level, changes to bail reform laws are being considered that would add restrictions on those accused of "revolving door" car theft. They are also being asked to tighten the law against "masterminds" who send in teenagers or 20-somethings to steal cars, often at very high speed, and have them resold or shipped.