Three cars crash on Highway 101 to avoid loose dog running down center divider in Carpinteria

Dan Smith

According to the Carp-Summerland Fire, three cars collided on northbound Highway 101 Wednesday afternoon to avoid a loose dog running down the center divider near Santa Monica Rd in Carpinteria. According to the California Highway Patrol, the Black German Shepherd ran south on the north side of the median from Santa Claus Avenue to the county line. According to CHP, the owners were driving a black truck, but when they first parked at Padaro Lin at about 1:47 p.m. We came out on the right side of the highway. The dog then moved to the median near Santa Monica Street and began running south on the north side of the median. The crash was reported on Santa Monica Road at 1:49 PM. Carp-Summerland Fire said authorities found one slightly damaged vehicle and two moderately damaged vehicles that needed towing. The driver told first responders that the collision occurred while trying to avoid the loose dog. One minor injury was reported, but no hospitalization was required, according to the Carp-Summerland Fire. Due to the incident, traffic between the Byrard and Santa Claus lines increased throughout the afternoon. CHP logs show the owner continued to follow the dog's path until the last reported update at 2:10 p.m. The dog's or owner's current status is unknown at this time, but updates will be provided here as they arrive at the station. This is a developing story.