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This Special Spark Blue Bentley Flying Spur S Is Mulliner’s 500th Car Of 2022

Bentley’s Mulliner division has built its 500th car for 2022. The Flying Spur S in the sensational Spark Blue color.

When it comes to car personalization, the Mulliner name is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Mulliner is the world’s oldest coachbuilder, bentley Since 1923 we have created some really great cars. These days, the department is notorious for personalizing various Bentley he models rather than creating coachbuilt bodies for automobiles. But the division is now celebrating a very important milestone. Celebrating his 500th car completed in the last 12 months.

That’s an impressive number when you look at the big picture. From 2014 he could only equip Mulliner with 1,000 vehicles until 2021. So the fact that we’ve reached half that number in just one year is pretty impressive. Mulliner and Bentley wanted to mark this milestone with something special. That’s why a special Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur S Hybrid appeared as his 500th car of the year. This one is for UK clients and features a stunning Spark Blue body finish. A special car to expect from his 500th Mulliner in 2022.

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A special car for a special milestone

Mulliner 500th Commission Flying Spur S Interior
Via Bentley

A closer look at the Mulliner reveals a truly beautiful spark blue body. This is a new color in the division and having it on his 500th car for 2022 is a great way to debut it. Not only that, this special Flying Spur also features a Blackline specification. This helps to darken the exterior brightwork. It also provides a nice contrast with the Spark Blue exterior of the Flying Spur. Added to that are his 22-inch 10-spoke wheels in sensational black.

A very nice finishing touch is the Flying B badge. That’s standard, but in this his 500th Mulliner for 2022, it’s lit up. A very classy little touch for sure. Bentley and Mulliner have also worked on the Flying Spur S interior. Inside, you’ll find a beluga-colored leather upholstery featuring gorgeous diamond quilting. A touch of Klein Blue helps top off that quilting very well.Mulliner also added high-gloss carbon fiber throughout the cabin. The metal vents, dial bezel, and various other controls inside all have a beautiful polished finish.

The power of hearing in this special Mulliner creation

Mulliner 500th Commission Flying Spur S front quarter view
Via Bentley

The Flying Spur S is one of the best new Bentleys available. So it’s no wonder Mulliner has adopted this for his 500th car for 2022. The car made its public premiere at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Grille, lower fascia, side inlets and mirror caps are black parts. Black is also featured around the window surrounds, exhaust vents and accents on the rear bumper. Tinted taillights are another standout feature of his. The Flying Spur S is more than just good looks.

At the heart of the Flying Spur S is the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. This produces 543 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque, making it a very strong product. However, making this particular Mulliner is a little different. Hybrid version of the Flying Spur S. Instead of a V8, it has a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with hybrid assist. Its V6 engine is still very powerful with 536 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. So there’s not much power loss in removing two cylinders. Plus the bonus of being able to run 26 miles on electric power. Perfect for small shopping.

The best cars for the 500th edition of the year

Mulliner 500th Commission Continental GT Satin Blue
Via Bentley

This year was arguably the best year in Mariner Bespoke history. And he has seen many highlights in 2022. Bentley talks about a Continental GT convertible actually ordered by Bentley Naples in Florida. It features Blackline spec brightwork and beautiful 22″ Speed ​​wheels in gloss black. Plus, it has a stunning Arctica White exterior finish. Another Continental GT was commissioned by Bentley Tampa Bay. This particular example has a marlin blue satin paint finish.

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The best way to celebrate a special year

Mulliner 500th Commission Mulliner Lineup
Via Bentley

But for the 500th model in 2022, Mulliner couldn’t have done a better way to celebrate. This particular Flying Spur S Hybrid is a remarkable piece of work. All the stunning exterior changes you’d expect from any Mulliner creation. Moreover, they are also not loved for their interiors. As of 2022, there are few bespoke design departments. Much like Bentley’s Mulliner division, not all divisions pay attention to detail. Bentley Mulliner shows that bespoke design is still alive and well in his 2022.

Source: Bentley