This One Of Five 1995 Toyota Supra Is An IndyCar Pace Car For The Ages

Dan Smith

Larry Chen checks out possibly the coolest Mark IV Supra we've ever seen. The 7k mile Supra that was the pace car for the 1995 IndyCar season.

For more epic builds and the most outrageous cars ever, visit Larry Chen's YouTube channel. Chen is a master of his craft. In his video, we see him dig deep into a truly amazing car. Plus, he weaves them in with some of the best photos he's taken over the years. Chen's videos are a mecca for gearheads. No wonder he is an award winner. Chen's recent series of videos all took place at Lime Rock, where some pretty interesting races took place. He's seen everything from a space-age Nissan 350Z to a wild Honda his Civic with a K24 engine. However, this next car is something else entirely. Toyota Supra is his Mark IV. It's already cool. Only 7,000 miles on the clock. Even cooler. And that's his one of his five runs, the pace car for IndyCar, specifically the IndyCar World Series.this is one of the nicest Toyota The 1995 IndyCar Series' true pace car, the Supra. RELATED: What It Costs to Live Every Day in a Mark IV Toyota Supra

The story behind the pace car supra

As told by Seamus E., this Supra is a genuine Toyota Supra pace car from the 1995 IndyCar season. Toyota at the time provided many vehicles for the series and PPG, preparing the car to be a pace car. Only five of these he was built, with the car's duties evenly distributed over the course of the season. They also did some media research.Seamus works for a client who has two of these cars. Specifically, two manual turbos. The remaining three of his were automatic. The car on display at Lime Rock is in 1995, completely pristine. The car competed at Pikes His Peak, and Toyota invited drivers from Japan to do the event. The car rolled off the mountain, so I replaced the roof. Here in Chen's video, the end of the 1985 IndyCar season. The car was originally white, but is now his PPG color exclusive to IndyCar.

One of the rarest Supras in the world

1995 Toyota Supra IndyCar Pace Car Front Quarter View
Via Larry Chen YouTube Channel
Seamus believes that none of these are Toyota OEM colors on the car, but very special colorings. For most of the year, this Toyota is in a "barn" whose owner owns a Toyota dealership. He's an old-school Toyota race car guy, and in the 1990s Speed ​​He competed in the Vision World Challenge. Make no mistake, this guy loves his car. As Chen points out, this car is just his 1990s peak. It's clean as hell inside, out and under the hood. All of it oozes 1990s. The T37 wheels are from the automotive era, but they weren't used during the IndyCar season. At that time, it was a chrome wheel from an American wheel manufacturer. Hard top, cross interior twin turbo 6 speed manual. This is technically a Premier Edition and very rare in the US. The car is only available for pre-order, and Seamus and Chen wonder how much it's actually worth. As a very clean Mark IV Supra it's already a good deal. Seamus believes this may be the most historically significant Mark IV Supra in the United States today.

This IndyCar pace car is an absolute gem of a Supra

1995 Toyota Supra IndyCar Pace Car Rear Quarter View
Via Larry Chen YouTube Channel
There have been epic racing Supras in the past, but nothing seems to match this one. The full picture was revealed in the "Split", when the popularity of IndyCar was at its peak. Moreover, this high spec. It had its own VIN number and was actually destined for retail production sales. That makes it's specs and its cloth interior even more unusual.Chen was also stunned to learn that with just 7,400 miles on it, the plastic inside the Supra still has that texture. RELATED: HotCars' Best 2022 Japanese Sports Cars: Toyota Supra 3.0

Not primitive, but pretty close to a moped

1995 Toyota Supra IndyCar Pace Car Front View Thru Barrier
Via Larry Chen YouTube Channel
This is not a genuine car. But this low mileage shows how little mileage was actually required for the 1995 IndyCar season, and how little has been done since then. While not standard, flashing pace car lights and all the other features just add to the coolness of this Supra. As Seamus says, this car has a lot of historical significance. Especially at a time when Toyota is focusing on motorsports such as his WEC and World Rally. This is a very sensational Supra and we are in love with it. The coolest Toyota Supra Mark IV ever? Source: Larry Chen YouTube Channel