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This Is The Strangest Car Feature Of 2022 And Why

Modern people don’t buy cars just because they want to get to their destination. They buy cars according to their tastes and preferences or their desires and needs. For example, a single man who needs speed will want to buy a sports car, while a family man will choose a sedan or her SUV.

However, vehicle type is not the only option, as many customers choose a vehicle based on the features it has. For example, the Ford F-150 has so-called max-reclining seats. These seats can lift the rear half of the bottom up to 3.5 inches when the seat reclines back, giving drivers a much more comfortable nap.

This year, Toyota revealed that the GR Corolla will have the GR-Four all-wheel drive system. Interestingly, this is the first sports AWD system from an automaker in over 20 years. The GR Corolla can fine-tune the front/rear torque distribution to 60:40, 40:60, and 50:50 simply by turning the dial.

Other automakers have unveiled cars with equally outlandish and bizarre features. probably, BMW The 7 Series has some of the strangest car features any automaker has introduced in 2022. After all, this feature, his panoramic BMW theater screen, transforms the rear of his cabin in a luxury car into a moving cinema.

Strangely huge as a display in the back seat

Via: BMW

Vehicle screen displays are nothing new. Since digital infotainment systems became the norm in the 2010s, screen displays have become an integral part of them. At first, the screen was small, showing only the most important information that the user had access to.

But as infotainment systems became more complex, they needed screens that could display more information at once. Of course, the driver must be able to display the contents of the screen clearly and legibly. Customers loved this innovation and wanted a bigger screen.

So, more recently, automakers have stepped up their game by introducing larger screens and placing additional displays behind the seats to give passengers more viewing pleasure while on the go.Cadillac, for example. The Escalade has a 38-inch curved OLED display, while the Mercedes-Benz has a 56-inch hyperscreen infotainment display. But while these screens are huge, they don’t provide wholesome entertainment for those sitting behind them.

Rear-seat screens, on the other hand, have been around since the 1990s, not now. These are usually small displays fixed to the seat back or a removable tablet. But BMW has oddly strayed from its rivals by creating a giant screen display just for the backseat passengers. The cockpits of the newly announced 7 Series and i7 still have their own displays for gauge clusters and infotainment displays, while the rear cabin has his BMW Theater screen.

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Large screen display with 8K resolution

BMW 760i 31 inch BMW theater screen
Via: BMW

The BMW Theater Screen is basically an ultra-wide panoramic display with a diagonal of 31.13 inches. The screen spans a significant portion of the width of the vehicle and hangs from the headliner. The BMW has a giant screen hanging overhead. It can be folded flat on the roof when not in use. A sophisticated rotational movement of his two articulated rails on the sides influences the deployment of the screen until it reaches the backrest of the front seat.

Interestingly, the BMW Theater Screen comes with a very high 8k display resolution (approximately 8000 x 2000 pixels per screen column), giving you a highly detailed visual experience when watching movies and shows in Ultra HD quality. It will come true. The screen can play or display content in 16:9, 21:9, or 32:9 aspect ratios using the zoom feature. However, since most movies and shows aren’t available in 32:9 ratio, theater screens may experience clipping of content when zooming, or thick black bars on the sides.

Users can control the screen in various ways. To adjust the tilt of your display, simply use your in-car entertainment system’s control menu. A theater screen is essentially a touchscreen display that can be used by backseat viewers to adjust modes, resolution, volume, and more. However, making extensive adjustments from the seat seemed impractical, so BMW integrated an additional touchscreen into the door handle that acts as an additional control panel.

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My Mode Theater turns your cabin into a movie theater

BMW ensures that rear passengers get most of the viewing experience with a range of additional features included in My Mode Theater. For clearer viewing, the automaker integrated the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System for a high-end sound experience.

Amazon Fire TV provides content and technology that allows users to access various streaming services for watching movies, TV shows, listening to music, and more. The BMW 7 Series and the new all-electric i7 sedan are the first vehicles to come with an integrated Amazon Fire TV, capable of supporting content in 4K via his built-in 5G connectivity.

When the occupants activate My Mode Theater, the BMW theater screens are deployed, the side window roller blinds are activated at the same time, the rear windows are closed and the ambient lighting in the rear cabin is dimmed. This sequence provides an immersive theatrical viewing experience.

Source: BMW