These car manufacturers issued the most recalls in 2022

Dan Smith

Which automakers will suffer the most recalls in 2022? No wonder, because the US Department of Transportation's list tells us exactly what happened throughout the year.

Ford tops the list for both the number of recalls and the number of cars potentially affected. For 2022, Ford has announced a recall of his 67. No, if you feel like there's been an insane number of Ford recalls in the news, you're not imagining things.At that rate, Ford averaged 1 recall every 5.4 days he I was doing In total, Ford's recalls could affect 8.63 million vehicles this year, well more than double his for other manufacturers.

Remember, recalls aren't necessarily scary. Yes, it means that your car made some sort of error in the process of becoming the car it is today, but it also means that the manufacturer found the problem and fixed it for free. No one likes spending extra time or dealing with their car being parked for an indeterminate amount of time. Additionally, not all recalls have the same level of panic. Some of them, like Takata's airbag recall, deserve your attention and panic, while some recall that the rear view has his camera on for too long, meaning he's at 5 o'clock. It fixes minor issues such as not being a fire alarm.

After Ford, Tesla came in second for the most vehicles potentially affected by the 3.76 million recall. I should also point out that the total number of recalls is only 20, much less, and many of Tesla's recalls were fixed in OTA updates, but Tesla had some big ones that contributed to the numbers. Soar. GM's 2022 recall story was similar to Tesla's in that there were only 32 recalls, but he had a higher total number of potentially affected cars at 3.37 million. So did Stellantis, with a total of 38 recalls, potentially affecting 3.04 million vehicles.

If you're interested in the rest of the list, here are the highlights of the top 10 manufacturers with the most recalls in 2022.

  • Ford: 67 recalls (8,636,265 vehicles)
  • Volkswagen Group: 45 recalls (1,040,885 vehicles)
  • FCA/Stellantis: 38 recalls (3,041,431 units)
  • Mercedes-Benz: 33 recalls (969,993 vehicles)
  • General Motors: 32 recalls (3,371,302 vehicles)
  • Kia: 24 recalls (1,458,962 units)
  • Hyundai: 22 recalls (1,452,101 units)
  • Tesla: 20 recalls (3,769,581 units)
  • BMW: 19 recalls (1,000,455 units)
  • Nissan: 15 recalls (1,568,385 units)

Finally, which manufacturer has the fewest recalls? As expected, this is a strange list. Five of his OEMs — Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Polestar and Mazda — rank last with one recall each. Bugatti has won big here and is the only one recalled. Unfortunately for Ferrari, one recall could affect him as many as 23,555 vehicles, which is a staggering recall for a company that produces such a small number of vehicles.

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