These Are The Countries That Produce The World’s Best Cars

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For too long, talking about which country makes the best cars in the world has been a sensitive topic. And in most cases, you can expect biased and highly subjective answers to your questions. However, this is somewhat logical given that everyone believes their country is a powerhouse of car manufacturing. Ask any Italian who makes the best cars and he will proudly declare that the Italians do. gives different answers. Finally, you'll also find that different countries have different ideas about what constitutes the best car in the world. The Italians focus on aesthetics and design, the Germans on engineering and technology, the Americans on power and performance, and the Japanese on reliability and quality. Thankfully insider monkey has independently created the top three best car markets in the world, based on car export figures rather than personal preferences or affiliations. And while exporting more cars doesn't necessarily mean you're making quality products, the study sheds light on the manufacturing capabilities of some of the largest car producers. So keep reading to find out which countries make the best cars in the world. RELATED: The 10 best American cars on the market in 2022

"Buying American" is popular outside the United States

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Americans would adore, considering financial publications ranked American cars in the top three. insider monkeyList of. The reason for placing the US in third place is largely based on its export power, so the debate over US muscle cars, European sports cars and Asian drag cars goes on forever. In 2021, the United States will export 2.4 million cars worth $54 billion, according to the Financial Digital Journal. The export figures are even more remarkable considering the US produced her 9.2 million US-made cars in 2021. Equally important, the US automobile industry has had a significant impact on the national economy, contributing 3-3.5% of total GDP historically. insider monkey It also points out that some of the world's oldest automakers are actually based in the United States, including Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and Chevrolet. Also, the United States is not living in the past and is still innovating thanks to cutting-edge electric vehicle companies such as Tesla, Rivian and Lucid Motors.

Japanese cars loved around the world

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The financial website ranks Japan's auto industry second, saying the "industrial powerhouse" will export 4.3 million cars in 2021. moreover, insider monkey It claims to have exported $85 billion last year. It also mentions major companies in the Japanese automotive industry, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and Suzuki. Given the global popularity and impeccable reputation of Japanese cars, we can't help but agree that Japanese automakers deserve this ranking. Over the years, these vehicles have been positively associated with reliability, boasting incredible reliability scores in various international rankings. It also stands out thanks to its build quality, durability, high manufacturing standards and post-purchase customer experience. Some cars, such as the Lexus LFA, took 10 years to develop, and you can see how much the Japanese place importance on research and development. Meanwhile, the Lexus LS400 is still today considered one of the most reliable cars ever built. RELATED: This is why American muscle cars should be more expensive than European sports cars

German vehicles are the best

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Famously sung by Tina Turner.You're just the best/Better than everyone else/Better than anyone/Better than anyone I've ever met’” Although she was referring to romance, she could also use her lyrics to promote German cars. Many gearheads argue that traditional German cars are simply the best, and to be fair, it's hard to argue against them.By 2021, Germany will sell her $139 billion worth of cars. Exported. This is equivalent to US and Japanese exports combined. insider monkey. Unless these figures convince naysayers that German cars are very popular and in demand abroad, nothing will change. Thanks to that, we are not just an industrial and export powerhouse that has successfully sold cars abroad. No, Germany exports a large number of vehicles due to demand. Volkswagen's head of chassis development, Stephan Gies, said: car and driver During a test drive in South Africa, from his perspective, "German engineering stands for precision in everything we do. Precision in design and what you feel in the car. What the driver touches and operates. Everything should evoke this feeling of confidence and precision: we want people to feel that they are in control of the car and that they will do exactly what they want to do. is." Source: Insider Monkey, Car and Driver, Car Group, Zippia