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The Worst Cars, SUVs, And Trucks You Can Buy In 2023

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According to a popular car consultant car help corner YouTube channel “These were the most disappointing cars, trucks, and SUVs I’ve tested and reviewed in 2022 to avoid buying. If you’re thinking of buying a new car in 2023, be sure to watch this video.‘” he shares advice on the cars shoppers should really avoid in 2023.

For all the details, we recommend watching the full 12-minute video, but here are some of the models we found lacking in performance, quality, and value for money spent on one purchase. Here’s an overview.

• Mazda MX-30: This model is rated as the worst new EV on the market today as it can only go about 100 miles on a full charge. According to the host, this EV would be “pathetic” if the battery was too small and the motor too small.

• Ford F-150 Lightning: Actual real-world mileage is below par, despite the promises Ford offers. Decreased performance in cold weather also made this one of the models we recommend avoiding. Also, long charging times and, more importantly, excessive prices make them less valuable to shoppers.

• Land Rover Range Rover Velar: This is very disappointing with quality and reliability issues such as screen freezes, backup camera malfunctions, and body parts falling off.This is basically a vehicle you buy just for status and image’” the host points out, pointing out that there is no rational or rational reason to buy.

• Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE: This plug-in hybrid version of the Grand Cherokee “…turned out to be a complete dud,” the host cites problems, among them poor performance of expensive cars with noisy engines, poor fuel economy and low mileage of hybrid cars. — All from about $80,000 cars!

• Genesis GV60: Overall a nice car, but…the modern IONIQ 5 and Kia’s EV6 have mechanically identical cousins, making shoppers question the wisdom of spending another $15,000 to $20,000 on essentially the same car. should hold you.

• Ford Explorer: The price tag is too high.”For normal 3-row seat SUV” This would be a poor choice when there are better SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander. In other words, its reliability issues, poor interior and poor performance make it really uncompetitive with other SUV makes and models available today, Host says.

Worst Cars of 2023 || Cars You Should Avoid Buying

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Timothy Boyer is an automotive reporter for Torque News, based in Cincinnati. He has early car restoration experience and regularly restores older cars with engine mods to improve performance. Follow Tim on Twitter. @TimBoyerWrites Daily new and used car news.

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