The 5 Best (and Worst) Cities to Live Without a Car in 2023

Dan Smith

With car ownership more expensive than ever and gas prices averaging $3 a gallon, many city dwellers are ditching their wheels for heels. This can be good for your wallet and your health. J. Patrick Abulencia, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College, said: RELATED: Buying a Car in 2022? Here are 5 ways to get the best deals: With that in mind, LawnStarter recently ranked the best cities to live without a car in 2023, ranking the best cities for walkability, public transport usage, climate, pedestrian safety, weather, and more. , based on 19 indicators of car-free friendliness. Some results were predictable, but some were surprising.

Big cities ranked high

Densely populated cities such as San Francisco and New York ranked high. why? The more crowded the city, the shorter the distance traveled and the more transportation available. In large suburbs and sprawling cities, commuters often have to own a car to get around. LawnStarter ranked San Francisco as the #1 city where you can live without a car. The city scored highly for walking, biking, and public transport. The top five cities on the list are:

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. washington dc
  4. new york, new york
  5. Seattle, Washington

some surprises

Minneapolis ranked eighth. It was a breezy minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit in the same city as the Arctic blizzard hit just last week. But Minneapolis workers don't have to endure the cold. Downtown is connected by a system of glass-enclosed footbridges called skyways, allowing people to travel warmly through the city without having to go outside. Minneapolis becomes a 'cyclist's paradise' when temperatures rise. The city has her 16th highest access to bike rentals, her 8th highest percentage of bike commuters, and has the highest number of pedestrian deaths per 100,000 inhabitants than any other 177 cities. is also much lower. Memphis, at the other end of the car-free spectrum, ranked fifth in the worst cities to go without wheels. LawnStarter downgraded the city for cycling, safety and walking. That's it for walking through Memphis. Memphis' weather isn't ideal for a car-free life either. According to the study, "Memphis ranks 56th for air quality, but its relatively harsh climate (181st) makes it uncomfortable to be outdoors." Most of the worst cities to live without a car were in the South. why? Bad weather and bad transportation. Also, southern cities are mostly built for cars. The exception was he was No. 31 Alexandria, Virginia.

Here are the worst cities to live without a car.

  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Mobile, Alabama