The 1991 Tokyo Motor Show Is Where I Go to Feel Joy Again

Dan Smith

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With a selection of almost every Tokyo Motor Show over the decades, you'll find some absolute gems.I i really like 1987but at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show was also goodThe 1991s, on the other hand, saw the Jaguar XJ220, Honda EP-X, Toyota AXV-IV and many others. The theme of the show was fuel efficiency and there were rumors before the event that Honda said he might have a 100 mpg car. It didn't work out that way in the end, but everyone was still making it smaller and lighter.

Perhaps it was because the theme of the program was "Discovering a new relationship where people, cars and the earth become one." bubble era finished. Few predicted his lost decade in the 1990s and his 2000s, but in October 1991 there was reason to be cautious rather than optimistic. did. Things were changing at everyone's feet, and automakers decided the best way to do that was to make themselves useful. There were a lot of concepts, but very few automakers (except Jaguar, of course) trying to be cool. Instead, many of the concepts were meant to show off technological innovation.

Here's how Toyota does it explained To give an example, the products at that time were:

In the passenger car sector, the Toyota AXV-III will showcase top-level safety and comfort, as well as advanced environmentally friendly technology. Another concept model is the AXV-IV, an ultralight and highly efficient commuter that achieves the lightest possible weight and smallest size without sacrificing vehicle performance or comfort. Toyota Avalon, Toyota's challenge to future car design. Toyota Estima (Previa) limousine that proposes new possibilities for tomorrow's limousine. A total of 8 cars will be exhibited in the passenger car corner.

In the commercial vehicle section, five models including the "Toyota Ambulance," which Toyota responded to the demand for ambulances equipped with the latest emergency medical equipment, were specially exhibited. The Toyota Fun Runner, a stylish sports car for outdoor enthusiasts. Chauffeur wagon "Toyota Hiace Limousine" for active executives.

We will also exhibit environment-friendly technologies such as a high-pressure fuel-injection diesel engine and a soot reduction particle trap system.

Elsewhere, Mazda had a third-generation was there The funny duo Mr.1000 and Ms.1000; Subaru I was with AmadeusIsuzu was there with Como. It's a silly super truck with a V12with Honda EP-X When FS-X, both cars were simply too good to be true. Nissan, on the other hand, had something called the Cocoon. I misted your face with water to keep you awake.

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GM never showed a Saturn at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show. GM intended the Saturn to compete with small Japanese cars.Saturn instead It was not sold in Japan for another five and a half years.

Then I suggest you take a look at the contemporaneous Australian review of this show. This review talks about a lot of themes that the planet is in danger and cars don't do much.

1991 Tokyo Motor Show

The second is a home movie of the proceedings. This is heaven's home movie.

29th Tokyo Motor Show November 4, 1991 TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 1991

Number of visitors to the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show was the best everwith more than 2 million visitors for the first time in its history, and seeing how the cars look, it probably will never exceed. It's pretty outdated these daysThe bubble era was over, something else had begun and perhaps everyone knew it.