The 17 ‘Trouble Spots’ Consumer Reports Inspects to Determine a Car’s Reliablity, Explained

Dan Smith

Consumer Reports (CR) is the go-to source for finding reliable data for many driving consumers. That data is used to determine which car is best for them and their families. One of the important sources CR provides is its reliability report. The data in these reports comes from automotive reliability studies completed by CR members. Respondents report problems for each of the 17 trouble spots. So what are these 17 trouble spots? Also what does it mean?

engine (or electric motor), major

Look under the hood of the Chevrolet Volt EV.Briana Sukup/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
According to Consumer Reports, this category includes engines and electric motors, cylinder heads, timing chains, superchargers, turbochargers, head gaskets, or belts that need rebuilding or replacement.