The 150th BAC Mono R Single-Seater Sports Car Looks Awesome In Sci-Fi Clothing

Dan Smith

In addition to the rarest and most luxurious sports car, there is a group of car makers like Caterham and BAC that are taking things the other way and are also focused on weight. Since its founding in 2009 by brothers Neil and Ian Briggs, the high-performance, driver-focused single-seater marks another milestone in the history of the brand. The first Mono hit the market in his 2011. Towards the end of the year, BAC gifted its 150th Mono unit to a Belgian customer. Julien Begasse of Dhaem, a business executive from Belgium! And this particular unit is his 29th Mono R ever created. One of the best driving machines on the planet, each BAC Mono is individually customized for the person who uses it. Only 30 units will be produced. They have all already found partners abroad. This unit includes unique visuals with science fiction inspired carbon fiber parts. RELATED: 10 Reasons The Lamborghini Gallardo Is A Supercar Bargain

Sci-fi inspired coloring looks cool on BAC Mono

BAC #150 is, as always, a tailored design created to meet the unique requirements of our customers. BAC's design team worked with Julien to create a unique color combination. It provides an excellent level of detail, especially for cars. They adapted this coloring to the client's needs from his science fiction films. For this reason, they painted the upper part of the BAC Mono R in a shade called Satin Liquid Silver Metallic, combined with carbon fiber along the entire lower part, complementing the other components painted in Highlighter Yellow. Additionally, there is a pair of lightweight carbon hybrid wheels with a bronze finish created in collaboration with Dymag. The interior features plenty of carbon fiber, silver stitching on the headrests and seats, and a special steering wheel with the R emblem. Additionally, Julien Begasse de Dhaem decided to outline the car's technical specifications on the side of the airbox. Then write the number on the rear wing of the vehicle with a highlighter pen. In addition to the ultra-lightweight carbon hybrid wheels created by Dymag-BAC, the 29th Mono R has the number R29 elaborately integrated into the main beam light surround mounted centrally in the nose and rear arch. ” is also a feature. I tried to apply the yellow highlight as accurately as possible. According to the company, one of his members of the design staff spent his three days manually painting the car. RELATED: Hear This Incredible Custom Painted 850-HP McLaren 720S

BAC Mono R is a very lightweight machine

150th BAC Mono
One of the most innovative and lightest cars in the automotive industry is the BAC Mono. The atmospheric 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine has a minimum of 305 horsepower! The machine with blocks weighs only 580kg! However, the one in this story is more extreme. The Mono R is, after all, the 150th vehicle to leave Liverpool's BAC facility. The body underwent surgery and now he weighs 555 kg (1,224 lbs), but the engine he has upgraded to 342 hp. This BAC Mono R's 2.5-liter 4-cylinder intake engine combined with his Formula 3-inspired 6-speed sequential transmission makes him 342 horsepower. Mechanically, nothing has changed. Considering the Mono R only weighs 555 kg dry, the horsepower doesn't seem anything special at first. With its featherweight weight and incredible chassis agility, the power output should be great. The steering is therefore not only very beautiful, but also quite characteristic. RELATED: The $3M De Tomaso P900 Is A Beautiful Track-Only Hypercar Dream Come True

The BAC Mono name has a lot of accolades

150th BAC Mono R29
In EVO Magazine's track test, the BAC Mono R easily beats all its competitors. At the Northwestern Welsh-Angelsea circuit, the Mono R proved to be the fastest vehicle the magazine has ever rated. The new road vehicle quickly surpassed the McLaren P1 GTR's previous record with a time of 1:06.9. BAC co-founder and director of product development Neill Briggs said: “The delivery of his 150th BAC Mono is a significant turning point in the history of the company.” It was a memorable experience.

About the future of BAC

Close-up view of the 150th BAC Mono front fascia
Additionally, BAC used the opportunity to promote the launch of new stores in Malaysia, Singapore and Germany. Currently, the brand is sold in his 48 countries. Additionally, the manufacturer has already shown off a prototype of a hydrogen-powered vehicle and informed users that it will be available in 2023. It's unclear how much new owners will pay for a unique Mono R. Source: BAC