Terrifying moment man attacks cars with baseball bat at busy junction

Dan Smith

A man wielding a metal stick was involved in an assault on Christmas Eve that left the driver traumatized and several people's cars damaged. The man was videotaped rampaging at the intersection of Perth's West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road just before 5pm on Saturday. A 40-year-old man was subsequently charged in connection with this incident. Footage captured by the family in the car showed an armed man in black clothes and a parasol running into the road with a metal pole and smashing the windows of his silver car. . Shards of glass are seen falling on the terrified passengers ahead. Passengers tried to stay as far away from the windows as possible. “Oh my god,” says the woman behind the camera.

A man was caught on camera destroying the cars of terrified people with a metal pole at a busy intersection in Scarborough, Perth.Source: Tik Tok

He is then seen running to other cars, and some drivers are forced to veer off the road or ignore red lights for fear of collision.

4 cars rampage

The man also appears in a video that currently has over 5.2 million views, ramming another gray car as it passes by. Police say he crashed into at least four cars and further investigations are underway. One silver Toyota Corolla, believed to be in the video, had damage to the rear window and passenger side window. Drivers were forced through red lights to escape further attacks. The other, a red Hyundai i30 with three people inside, was hit by shattered glass from the rear window. There was also a white Mazda 2 with damage to the rear window and trunk panel, and a white Toyota Corolla with damage to the rear driver's side panel.

From Scarborough Man to Frontcourt

Shortly thereafter, the 40-year-old man was found by Scarborough police officers at a nearby hotel after receiving several emergency calls around 5pm. A police spokesman said in a statement, "Police were present at the scene and, based on information provided by members of the public, headed to a hotel on nearby Philburn Street where the man was last seen." The room was identified, but the occupants did not respond.They were forced into the room and the man was taken into custody." The Scarborough man was charged with four counts of property damage or vandalism and was denied bail. He is scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday. Given that the investigation is still ongoing, the police are urging others involved in the incident and whose vehicle was damaged to call 131 444 or report to the local police station to report the matter to the police. I urge you to report it. Do you have any story tips? Email: [email protected].

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