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Suspect in targeted attack on Arlandria cars arrested on unrelated charges

On November 20th, two cars were shot at Block 100 of Luna Park Drive in Arlandria (via Google Maps).

A month after two cars were found in the West End with blown windows, the suspect is in custody on a different charge, according to Alexandria police.

A 25-year-old male suspect in the damaged car case, from D.C., was arrested Dec. 9 on an unrelated felony charge and released Dec. 16 to another law enforcement agency, Alexandria police said. .

Police say the incident is still under investigation. When asked, the department did not provide ALXnow with details regarding his arrest or current whereabouts.

But a month ago, a man may have caused extensive damage to two cars parked in the garage of an apartment complex on the 100 block of Luna Park Drive.

On Sunday, November 20, police were dispatched to investigate a call about a suspicious vehicle in the garage. By the time officers arrived, multiple residents had called to report that they may have been shot there.

According to a recently released police search warrant, responding officers found two vehicles with out-of-state license plates with broken doors and blown out windows, several witnesses and the U.S. Capitol. police officers were found waiting.

The vehicles were parked next to each other and were members of the same family, who were reportedly confused and startled when officers approached.

The victim told police they suspected a psychotic family member and her boyfriend.

A witness who reported the suspicious vehicle said the driver tried to follow him but saw the gate closed before the car could get through. Police said in an affidavit that the car was a black Honda. The Accord explained, “The windows were fogged up, the license plate was covered, and I was sitting in the parking lot out front with the lights off.”

After entering, I drove to another gate, saw it broken and returned to the front door. According to the affidavit, when he parked on the ground level, he “heard a bang from the (2nd) floor, followed by a screeching tire, followed by five or six gunshots.” That’s what I mean.

Police tracked the stolen phone and Honda the day before to a hotel on the 5900 block of Richmond Highway in Fairfax County. The Honda, which had bullet holes in the trunk lid and rear driver’s side door, matched the suspect’s description of the vehicle.

“There was also a Halloween mask matching the caller’s description, blood in the passenger seat area, and a brown paper bag with eye and mouth holes in the back seat of the vehicle,” police said. In the affidavit of the search warrant.

Police determined that the two suspects were in a hotel room and contacted them, but refused to come out and speak to officers.

“Because (the suspect) refused to speak to police, the vehicle was seized by police headquarters to await a search warrant,” police said in an affidavit of search warrant.

The Alexandria Sexual Assault Center and Domestic Violence Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 703-746-4911.

“If you are a neighbor and know of an incident of abuse occurring, please contact the police immediately,” the city said. “Calling the police is the most effective way to protect victims and children from imminent harm.”