Stray Dog Living Under Car Waited Weeks For Someone To Find Him

Dan Smith

Donna Lockman could hear a low growl as she crouched down to look under an empty van. After receiving a call about a stray dog ​​sleeping under a car on a residential street in St. Louis, Missouri, an experienced rescue worker immediately went looking for him.

She checked a few cars first, but had no luck until she finally heard a familiar sound. Her dog's growl grew louder as she neared the ground, but Mega Man knew not to be frightened.

St. Louis Stray Rescue

"It's not mean," Lochmann, who works as the chief EMT for the Stay Rescue of St. Louis, told Dodo. "They're just scared and that's how they protect themselves."

Soon Mega Man came face to face with a white pitbull. Those eyes were asking for help. He was still growling, but she refused to leave him alone there.

She knew from the dog's weight that he hadn't eaten in a long time, so Mega Man began throwing chunks of wiener sausage under the car to ease his fear. ate. But then he did something amazing—he started wagging his tail.

St. Louis Stray Rescue

Slowly, Mega Man began moving Sausage away from the car. After eating delicious food in a safe hiding place, the dog crept out from under the van and walked over to the rescuers. He hesitated, but continued to wag his tail.

"All he wanted was to know we could help him," St. Louis Stray Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Finally, the puppy Mega Man named Avalanche got close enough for her to have him put on a leash.

St. Louis Stray Rescue

His wagging tail told Mega Man that he was happy to be saved, but he refused to take her to the jeep himself. I made my way from the Avalanche van to the jeep.

"He just followed a small trail of sausages," Rockman said. "And he let me pick him up and put him in the Jeep."

Lochmann took Avalanche directly to the veterinarian, where he was given a full medical evaluation and necessary baths.

St. Louis Stray Rescue

Avalanche was dangerously thin and his lower back was covered in deep scars from sitting on concrete for too long. To help, the veterinary team prescribed antibiotics for Avalanche and set up a refeeding schedule so he could start gaining weight at a healthy pace.

Avalanche spent only a few days in a veterinary hospital before finding a loving foster home for him. The caregivers at the clinic fell in love with him and were sad to see him go, but they were very happy to have Avalanche back. Spend Christmas in a warm house instead of spending time alone on the street.

St. Louis Stray Rescue

Since entering Foster Care, Avalanche's health has improved and his personality has blossomed. When he's not curled up with his beloved foster parents, he can usually be found spending time with his foster dog siblings.

"He's doing really well and getting along with everyone," said Lochmann. "He enjoys where he is."

St. Louis Stray Rescue

Avalanche still has a long way to go in recovery, but Lochmann can already see the sweet change.

“You can tell the difference by looking in his eyes,” says Lochmann. "His eyes are more lively now than when we first got him. He doesn't have that defeated look anymore."

To ensure animals like Avalanche get the help they need, please donate to Stray Rescue of St. Louis or check our list of adopters.