Stellantis Forcing UK Buyers To Pay For Cars Stuck In Ports

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Stellantis UK has asked a dealer to transport the vehicle from the port.

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Dec 25, 2022 09:09
    Stellantis forces UK buyers to pay for cars stranded in ports

Along brad anderson

Stellantis is forcing some UK buyers to pay up to three months in installments for vehicles stranded in ports. Dealers have revealed that automakers are forcing new cars ordered by customers to register even though the new cars ordered by customers have not arrived in showrooms. Department vehicles were pulled from customers who refused to pay before they were delivered. "This all depends on logistics and we can't get the car to the dealer," said the dealer group boss. car dealer magazine“They are forcing us to register a car that they know is three months away, and the conversations they have with customers are very awkward. I paid the installment and still haven't seen the car." READ: Stellantis suspends Jeep Cherokee factory indefinitely, UAW calls relocation 'unacceptable'
    Stellantis forces UK buyers to pay for cars stranded in ports
Some dealers even claim that Stellantis instructed them to go to the port and collect the newly arrived vehicles themselves. One car dealership boss even revealed that Stellantis had threatened to remove bonuses and lose car assignments if he did not agree to the company's demands. talk to car dealerStellantis UK senior vice president and group managing director Paul Wilcox admitted the automaker had caused "friction" with dealers, saying a shortage of transport trucks was causing many vehicles to get stuck in ports. He said it meant that there was

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Willcox confirmed that Stellantis had actually asked dealers to register the vehicles parked in port and on board freighters. “The reason we have done this is because we want to offer more cakes to UK retailers and we are working hard to get more supply across our production portfolio,” he said. . “If we have a lot of inventory on site, we are less likely to have more supply in the future because it is considered to be in stock. I called [dealers’] stock speed. Wilcox also said dealers had been told they could actually pick up the vehicles from the port, but would be "provided with a financial incentive" to do so. “If a dealer wants to self-collect, they can arrange that kind of deal, but numbers are limited,” he said. “We can’t put 500 trailers in the compound because it creates confusion, but we gave retailers the opportunity to do it right or wrong. I thought that was a positive thing. ”

    Stellantis is forcing UK buyers to pay for cars stranded in ports