Silodrome’s Top 10 Cars Of 2022

Dan Smith

Each year, we look at our stats and narrow down the list of all vehicles we've covered in the last 12 months to find the 10 most popular.
There are always surprises in these lists, and even after years of doing this, it's still impossible to predict which cars will make the top ten. This list is based strictly on the number of hits each article receives, without regard to favoritism or fairness. We're editing the list in reverse order, so posts get more popular as you scroll down. Without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular cars in 2022.

⇟ #10 – Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 Lincoln Continental

This 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible was purchased new by President Lyndon B. Johnson early in his presidency and used for transportation. It was based on his ranch in Stonewall, Texas. LBJ was well known for his love of cars and his jokes. Also, he kept an amphibious vehicle on his ranch. He loved taking guests in his amphibious vehicle for "tours" and faking brake failures while driving the amphibious vehicle. His lake as his passengers screamed for their lives. view article Lyndon-B.-Johnson-Lincoln-Continental-3

⇟ #9 – Project Car: 1964 Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5 Project Car This 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was found in the US and brought back to the UK after a partial restoration. It needs a new owner to complete the work and get it back on the road. The DB5 is among the Aston Martins in the DB series, in large part because it dates back to the third 007 film, Goldfinger, in 1964, and was prominently incorporated into the James Bond franchise as his car of choice. is one of the most desirable in view article Aston Martin DB5-Project-Car-9

⇟ #8 – Black Douglas Rare Ford Falcon XY 4X4 Ute

Ford-Falcon-XY-4X4-Ute-Blak-Douglas-2048x1366 This is a rare Ford Falcon XY 4×4 Ute. If you've never seen one before, it's totally understandable, but only 432 were ever built and sold exclusively to the Australian market. The example you see here is currently being sold by one of Australia's most celebrated artists, Black Douglas, who has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Archibald Prize in 2022. view article Ford-Falcon-XY-4X4-Ute-Ad

⇟ #7 – Walter Wolf’s Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari-288-GTO All examples of the Ferrari 288 GTO are special, but this one stands out due to the fact that its first owner was oil industry tycoon, Walter Wolf, founder and collector of the Walter Wolf Racing F1 team. is perhaps a little more special than most models. Some of the world's most exotic supercars. Wolf is most famous for the fact that he won the first race his team entered in the 1977 Argentine Grand Prix with Jody Scheckter in the cockpit. Scheckter finished the season in second place, an incredible result for the team. view article Walter Wolf

⇟ #6 – 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione Specifications

Ferrari-365-GTB4-Daytona-Competizione-15 This 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 has been modified to Competizione specifications and holds an FIA Historic Technical Passport, allowing it to participate in many of the world's most important classic motorsport events. There were very few Competizione Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytonas built at the same time, and it was a model famous for winning its class three years in a row at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and was a huge success on the track. view article Ferrari-365-GTB4-Daytona-Competizione-23

⇟ #5 – Elvis Presley's 1971 Stutz Blackhawk

elvis presley stats blackhawk This 1971 stats Blackhawk was after Elvis Presley bought his first Blackhawk, even though it was a prototype, after the car he bought at first sight was crashed by a driver and considered a write-off , was newly purchased. The Blackhawks owned by Elvis became an icon in their own right, and there are believed to have been four in all in the 1970s, one of which was shipwrecked as mentioned above, but has been around for a few years. It was later rebuilt. view article elvis presley stats blackhawk 4

⇟ #4 – DB5 Stunt Car from James Bond's "No Time To Die"

No Time To Die e1664215907489-2048x1312 This Aston Martin DB5 is not. actually Aston Martin DB5, despite the fact that it was manufactured by Aston Martin.Developed as a stunt car for the James Bond films no time to die Widely used in movies. The car features a unique chassis with a carbon fiber body designed to look like the original DB5. The Aston Martin Special Projects team has developed an all-new suspension and braking system that makes it much faster than his real DB5. view article No Time To Die Daniel Craig

⇟ #3 – What we found in the $2.1 million barn: 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder

Porsche-550-Spyder-Barn-Find-1 This 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder has spent most of its 35 years in a barn in the Swiss countryside. In its early days it was owned and driven by many famous Swiss racing his drivers including Rita Lampinelli, Heinz Schiller and Formula 1 ace Joe Siffert. In the 1960s the car was upgraded with a number of 'works' factory components, including engine upgrades and bodywork for the new Porsche RS60. This is to allow the car to remain competitive against more modern machines. view article Porsche-550-Spyder-Barn-Find-7

⇟ #2 – Abandoned in a Parking Lot: 1989 Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari - Testarossa - 2048x1322 This 1989 Ferrari Testarossa was abandoned by its previous owner and left unused in a parking lot. Unfortunately, the owner passed away in 2012 before he got a chance to drive the car again. His family left it in a parking lot for another ten years. Early July. view article Ferrari Testarossa-2

⇟ #1 – Original 1977 AMC AM Van 4×4 Concept Vehicle

1977-AMC-AM-van-concept-2048x1233 This is the 1977 AMC AM Van, a concept car that was planned to have a four-wheel drive powertrain with a turbocharged engine, both very novel ideas for a 1970s production car. was. The van was part of AMC's seven-car "Concept 80" traveling motor show, intended to showcase their vision for the future of the automobile to the American public. The AMC AM van was by far the most popular vehicle at the show, winning overwhelming public votes everywhere it was shown. view article AMC-22Concept-8022-Show Car Top 10 cars of 2022