Shopping For A New Or Used Car? These Are The Models Most Likely To Go The Distance

Dan Smith

At a time when new car leasing accounted for about a third of all transactions, the auto business seemed to end up following the same path as cell phone ownership. But that hasn't come to fruition as the typical ownership period for new car buyers is reported to be 6.5 years for him and the average car age on the road is now 12.1 years for him. A typical ride, in 1997 he was 5.5 years old. If for no other reason than that the average transaction price of a new car has skyrocketed to an unaffordable $48,200, new cars are built in far better condition than they were in the decades preceding the millennium, and drivers will keep them for long periods of time. holding Next he said New car buyers who intend to keep their car for 10 years or more need to find a car that can go far without breaking the bank with repeated repairs. Online car marketplace has compiled a list of 20 cars projected to last over 200,000 miles based on an analysis of over 2 million cars built and sold in at least 10 of the last 20 model years. Summary. After all, the longest-lasting cars aren't cars at all, and 15 of the top 20 models in this regard are pickup trucks or SUVs, with rugged full-size models accounting for nearly half of them. Those looking for a family-oriented model should note that the list includes eight of his three-row SUVs and two of his four last minivans on the market. And for shoppers looking to save money on pumps or reduce their carbon footprint, the three models on our list are fuel-saving hybrids.