Shockingly Incompetent Car Journalists Are Choosing European Car Of The Year 2023

Dan Smith

Europe's top automotive journalists have made the shortlist for the 2023 European Car of the Year competition, proving that they are an astonishingly incompetent bunch of automotive journalists. What they did was look to buggy cars to compete with T-Ford in the century-old market. At that moment, every informed market observer knew that horses were being replaced by engines. Jeep Avenger — MHEV and BEV
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jeep avenger

Kia Niro — HEV, PHEV, BEV

Kia Niro BEV

Nissan Ariya — BEV

nissan aria

Peugeot 408 — FFV and PHEV

peugeot 408

Renault Austral — MHEV and HEV

renault austral

Subaru Solterra/Toyota bZ4X — BEV

toyota bZ4X

VW ID.Buzz — BEV

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Here's a quote from the website: Innovation and value for money is a particularly important factor(Bold emphasis added by this author.) If we were to summarize this in an easy-to-understand list sorted by the most important factor, it would look something like this:
  1. Nissan Ariya — BEV
  2. Subaru Solterra/Toyota bZ4X — BEV
  3. VW ID.Buzz — BEV
  4. Jeep Avenger — MHEV and BEV
  5. Kia Niro — HEV, PHEV, BEV
  6. Peugeot 408 — FFV and PHEV
  7. Renault Austral — MHEV and HEV
There are only three models that can be called automotive technical models of modern architecture. Two models, a tailpipe version and a battery-electric version, are based on transitional technology. The last two are just a decade old technology. Journalists have indicated that they believe the horse-drawn carriage is worth as much as the Ford Model T and all other engined vehicles. This is more than a decade after newer technology has proven to be better, and regulators and many of his OEMs themselves consider fossil fuel burners to be technology of the past and should be abandoned as soon as possible. Even after declaring that there is. Models with tailpipes are not qualified to use yesterday's technology. This leaves the Peugeot 408 and Renault Austral off the list. The Jeep Avenger and Kia Niro should only be judged by his BEV version of the model. Using an old shared platform isn't really about revolutionary technology, it's about upgrading old technology to fill the time needed to develop the latest technology. Nissan Arya, Toyota bZ4X and Volkswagen ID.Buzz remain contenders with innovative technology. The Toyota bZ4X is more of a small series pilot project than a full-blown mass-market product from the world's largest automaker. This kind of niche product from a start-up has been an acceptable candidate in the past, but even in the fully electric market, Toyota is hardly a start-up. I'm just late to the party. In my eyes, this qualifies for third place at best. This leaves the Volkswagen ID.Buzz and Nissan Arya as the frontrunners for the European Car of the Year award, chosen by 61 journalists from 23 countries. That's a very short candidate list.they should have used Innovation As a condition to be included in the shortlist. ID.Buzz is what many fans of the old hippie bus have been waiting for. It is a nostalgic product with excellent cost performance. Like many other models from the Volkswagen Group, it is built on the MEB platform. It's not exactly new technology, but the platform is evolving and improving. The Nissan Ariya is the first model to use the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance's CMF-EV platform. If I only care about using innovative technology, this would be my first choice. There are 11 other criteria, which makes the competition between ID.Buzz and Ariya very interesting. The jury will not award points for every condition. They each distribute her 25 points to her 7 candidates. The highest score is 10 points and the lowest score is 0 points. This is based on their very personal opinion and sometimes on national pride. The results of the competition will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 13th January at the Brussels Motor Show. Many of these journalists are clearly foreign to the current automotive market, which is in transition to fully electric vehicles. And this isn't the first time they've demonstrated this. Looking at the candidate longlist, the shortlist was filled with 5 bad candidates not because there were no good choices. We had two or more excellent and innovative new models to choose from.
  1. Alfa Romeo Tonale
  2. BAIC EU5
  3. BMW X1/iX1
  4. BMW i7
  6. Citroen C5 X
  7. dacia jogger
  8. DFSK series 5
  9. Ferrari 296 GTB
  10. Ferrari Prosanghe
  11. Hongqi E-HS9
  12. honda civic
  13. Jeep "B-SUV"
  14. jeep grand cherokee
  15. Kia Niro
  16. kia sportage
  17. Land Rover Range Rover/Land Rover Range Rover Sport
  18. Lexus RZ
  19. Lotus Emira
  20. Lucid Air
  21. Maserati Grecal
  22. Mazda CX-60
  23. McLaren Altura
  24. Mercedes-Benz GLC
  25. Mercedes EQ EQE
  26. Mercedes AMG SL
  27. MG 4 28. MG 5
  28. Nio ES8
  29. Nioh ET7
  30. nissan aria
  31. nissan x-trail
  32. Opel/Vauxhall Astra
  33. ora cat
  34. peugeot 408
  35. renault austral
  36. Smart #1
  37. Subaru Solterra/Toyota bZ4X
  38. Toyota Aygo X
  39. toyota corolla cross
  40. Toyota GR86
  41. Vinfast VF8
  42. Vinfast VF9
  43. Volkswagen ID.Buzz
  44. Xpeng P5
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