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Racine man accused of breaking into multiple cars and assaulting a man in the same night

RACINE — A man from Racine has been accused of breaking into multiple cars and assaulting men in the same night.

This was a Christmas present and no one wanted further attacks on the U.S. power system. and eventually knocked out power to many residents in the county,” said Darien Moss Jr., of the Sgt. Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state, in that attack and two other attacks 14,000 customers lost power. “All three incidents occurred at midnight on Christmas Day, resulting in power outages. Nothing was stolen from these facilities, so it’s entirely possible that they were related,” Moss continued. See the details: Another Sunday night at an energy substation in Puget Sound is the latest in a rash of incidents, in addition to the attack that destroyed three Washington state substations. Politico reports that there will be more than 100 physical and cyber attacks by August in 2022, the highest number of attacks against the country’s power grid system in a decade. Substations in Ohio, Oregon, and North Carolina have been damaged in recent months. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Commissioner Mark Christie said the damage to substations reflects the escalation of attacks. “Transformers are on every city block and vulnerable to drunks with guns and attitudes and there are a lot of incidents like that. It’s not uncommon,” he said. Or he knocks out two blocks. [affects] Tens of thousands. ”


Shawn T. Wiskerchen, 27, of the 3300 block of Pierce Boulevard, has been charged with felonies of mass battery, attempted burglary of a building or residence, attempted theft, disorderly conduct, breaking into a locked vehicle, burglary and robbery. was charged with a misdemeanor of the crime. Property damage.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 4:45 a.m. on December 5, officers were dispatched to the 2100 Block Blaine Avenue residence for the assault. There were reports that a man got into a fight trying to steal from a car.

When officers arrived, they were met by a man who said he and his wife had heard someone outside the house, and he confronted him. A physical struggle ensued with throwing punches. The suspect lost his yellow hoodie, hat, and sandals before running to 21st Street.

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Officers noticed that the man had a large laceration to the back of his head and abrasions to his left shoulder, right elbow and right big toe. He was taken to hospital for treatment and needed nine staplers to close the wound on his head.

In my driveway, I found several items: a wallet with a magazine, a wallet with a gold zipper, a Gucci-style wallet, a white charger, an unknown pill, a pocket knife, a razor blade, and an iPhone with a flower case. had. The only thing my wife recognized was the pocketknife.

Officers were then sent to a residence on the 3300 block on Pierce Boulevard after a woman claimed her boyfriend Wiskerchen flew into “Loverville.” Officers spoke to Whiskerchen, who noticed a pair of black sandals and one of the black socks at an address on Blaine Avenue.

He said he jumped on four strangers in the “Rubberville” area. He had some fresh injuries, consistent with the suspect’s description the couple had previously given.

His girlfriend said he left the house hours earlier to buy cigarettes and took her phone. The police called her phone and found out it was a flower case phone at a different address.

Another officer went to the 2000 block residence on Hayes Avenue at 6:38 a.m. and received a report that a woman’s jeep had been broken into. She said cash, a wallet, perfume and AirPod Pro headphones were stolen. The total amount was about $450 and the damage to the Jeep cost her $1,780 to repair.

When investigators investigated, they found that the Hayes Avenue home was only two blocks away from the Blaine Avenue home. Surveillance video showed Whiskerhen exerting pressure on the passenger window and pulling on the mirror. We also learned that the woman used the Find My Device feature to confirm that the AirPods’ last location was at her Wiskerchen residence.

Investigators spoke with Wiskerchen at the Racine County Jail and he admitted to breaking into a car on Blaine Avenue but denied all other allegations. He said he would have broken into more cars if he hadn’t been caught.

Wiskerchen was given a $10,000 cash bond in Racine County Circuit Court on Wednesday. A preliminary hearing will take place at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center on Jan. 4, according to online court records.