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Plano PD Investigates Vandalism of Homes, Cars With Racial Slurs – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Plano police are investigating a possible hate crime after multiple homes and cars were spray-painted with racist slurs.

Neighbors hope that video taken from cameras outside their homes will lead to the arrest of detectives.

Stephanie Cruz said she woke up before dawn on Thursday to find a cabin door in an alleyway behind her house ajar. When she went outside to take a closer look, she discovered that her tool box and some spray paint were missing.

When Plano cops arrived, she realized it wasn’t just a theft case.

“As the sun was about to come up, I realized everything was tagged,” Cruz said. “It was bad.”

Several garage doors and vehicles parked in the alleys of her subdivision were spray painted with various biblical references and racial slurs.

Plano police say the incident is currently considered a criminal hoax, but that could change if detectives determine whether the vandalism was motivated by hate.

Detective Jerry Minton said, “The vandalism unfortunately had racial slurs written on homes, cars and other property. It doesn’t appear to be aimed at specific individuals.”

But there is one particular individual that the investigators would like to speak to.

A neighbor shared a video with NBC 5, showing someone holding a can of black spray paint covering a ring camera, but not before giving everyone a good look at their faces.

Plano police believe they are looking for a teenage male.