‘People are dying in cars. That’s the reality of it.’

Dan Smith

Since the blizzard began, vehicles that should not have been on the road have been stranded, endangering the lives of drivers, endangering rescue workers and blocking emergency vehicles.

On Sunday, Mayor Byron W. Brown said enough was enough.

In an interview with WBEN, the mayor said, "I'm not asking. I'm not pleading. I'm telling you. Get off the road now in the City of Buffalo."

"It's even worse when you're driving in Buffalo. People are dying in cars. That's the reality."

As the whiteout road conditions and storms seen in the first two days of the blizzard have ended, more people are getting out and in their cars despite the driving bans remaining.

Gov. Kathy Hochul and County Commissioner Mark Polonkers have also urged residents to stay home so emergency responders can clear roads, reach stranded vehicles, and access hospitals and substations. .

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"We can't overstate how dangerous the situation is. We need someone to stay off the road for one more day," the governor said.

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