Pant accident: How cricketer broke windscreen to escape burning car – 5 pointers | Cricket

Dan Smith

Indian cricketer Rishab Pant has suffered serious injuries after being involved in a horrific car accident early Friday morning. At around 5:30 am on his way to Uttarakhand, Mr Punt's car crashed into a divider on his Dehradun highway in Delhi and caught fire. Thankfully, according to police reports, Punt's injuries were not life-threatening and he is being closely monitored for head, back injuries and broken legs at Max's Hospital in Dehradun. Images of the underpants lying in a hospital with bloody bandages sent shockwaves, but luckily the Indian cricketer is stable. Here is: Also read: Rishabh Pant injured in road accident - Indian legends Sehwag and Gambhir wish young star a speedy recovery 1 Pants escaped from the car in a timely manner to avoid catastrophe The impact of the collision between Pant's car and the partition was such that it burst into flames within minutes of the accident. However, Panto shattered the car's windshield and escaped in the nick of time to avoid death, despite sustaining injuries. I was alone in the car. 2 Gasping while driving "drowsy" According to his own statement, Pants, who was driving the car, fell asleep while stretching. He was transferred to Roorkee Hospital and is now in Dehradun," DGP's Ashok Kumar told media. 3 What car was Pant driving? Pants was driving a BMW. Initially, there was some confusion as to whether Pant was driving a BMW or a Mercedes, but police confirmed it was the former. The BWF may be one of the country's finest and most exclusive sedans, but crash test results are less than satisfactory. 4 Where are the pants hospitalized Punt was immediately taken to a hospital in Roorkee after the accident, from where he was now transferred to Max's Hospital in Dehradun, about 30 minutes from the exact location of the accident, Mohammedpur Jat. Pushkar Singh Dami said all expenses for Punt's treatment will be covered by the Uttarakhand state government. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Dami Dami added that the cricketer's pants could be flown from Dehradun to New Delhi. 5 What is the extent of Punt's injury and how long will he be sidelined? Fortunately, according to the latest developments, an X-ray confirmed that Punt had no fractures or serious injuries.His main injuries are his head and knee. Pants bears two of his cuts, one of which is just above his left eye, and his knee has torn ligaments. Given the extent of his back injury, Pants may need a back skin graft or plastic surgery, which could prevent him from playing any form of cricket for at least the next year. 2023 World Cup in India.