New Car Sales Are Down, and so Are Sales of Big Red Car Bows

Dan Smith

There are many ways to measure annual sales of cars, trucks, and SUVs. One way to measure these new car sales is the number of oversized bows dealers buy for decoration. Some bow salespeople report that sales have plummeted this year. This shows that fewer people are buying new cars with bows and sport utility vehicles.

New car sales fell from 17 million to 13.7 million in recent years

Cox Automotive, the parent company of Kelly Blue Book, estimates that Americans are buying fewer cars. King Size Bows, the company that sells these oversized bows and ribbons, agrees with that quote. Fewer cars moving out of the parking lot means fewer ribbons adorning the hood and roof. "Manufacturers and distributors of car bows, oversized ornaments that attach to the hoods and roofs of cars, say business has plummeted this holiday season," said Joe Pinsker of The Wall Street Journal. I am reporting," he said.