MBTA Orange Line Cars Removed From Service Due to ‘Electrical Arcing’ – NBC Boston

Dan Smith

The MBTA said it removed nine Orange Line vehicles for repair after it was found to have an "electrical arcing" problem. A recent routine inspection of an Orange Line rolling stock uncovered a fault in a power cable that may have caused an electrical arc with a nearby train axle, according to the agency. were inspected and, to date, the MBTA has identified nine vehicles believed to have arced and has removed all affected vehicles for repairs, including axle replacement. A total of 11 axles are affected overall. As MBTA continues to inspect and repair trains, Orange Line passengers say they will continue to experience increased wait times and longer intervals between trains by about 15 minutes.
Engineers from the train's manufacturer MBTA and CRRC continue to investigate the cause of the condition, and maintenance teams are conducting an enhanced inspection program until permanent repairs are completed. A further update is expected later on Friday, according to MBTA.