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MBTA finds fault in more new Orange Line cars

Orange Line passengers should expect slower commutes with about 15 minutes between trains after MBTA pulls nine carriages out of service due to an unexpected ‘electrical arcing’, a proxy said. The store announced on Friday.

MBTA spokesperson Lisa Battiston said in a statement shortly before 2:30 p.m. that T Engineers “identified a fault in a power cable that may have caused an electrical arc to a nearby train axle. I did,” he said. Battiston said routine inspections took place “recently,” but declined to give an exact date.

After investigating all other Orange Line vehicles, Battiston said the MBTA had identified nine vehicles affected by the electric arc and taken them out of service for repairs, including axle replacement. rice field. A total of 11 axles were affected across nine vehicles, Battiston said.

Battiston did not explain the reason for the electrical problem, saying engineers at CRRC, the Chinese company that built the T and the latest Orange Line trains, “are continuing to investigate the root cause of this condition.” The MBTA will roll out an “enhanced inspection program” until repairs are completed, she said.

“As MBTA continues inspections and makes necessary repairs, Orange Line passengers will continue to experience long following distances of about 15 minutes between trains,” said Battiston. “T-san, we apologize for the inconvenience.”

The announcement comes shortly after The Boston Globe reported that T had recently cut its Orange Line service by nearly half, without informing riders of the reason for the change.

Battiston announced Friday afternoon how many Orange Line vehicles remain in passenger service, as well as older vehicles that were taken out of service this summer as a result of the MBTA’s month-long maintenance shutdown to restore capacity. I didn’t immediately answer the question about whether to relocate to .