Max Verstappen and Marc Marquez compare bikes and cars – “you have to be a killer” | F1

Dan Smith

Verstappen won his second straight F1 championship this season, but Marquez's seventh MotoGP title challenge was interrupted by injuries and bike problems.

Both men are influenced by Honda, but they also share a mindset, as we discovered when we met.

"What I love about Marc Márquez is that he is a fighter and he never gives up," said Verstappen. "So he's a very determined and tough rider."

Márquez replied: "Max is ambitious, I like it. And obviously talented. And he's a killer. If you want to be the best in the sport, you have to be a killer."

“The quality in him that I admire the most? How he manages the pressure. It's the hardest thing to manage, but he does it well."

Verstappen also agreed: it's very different to manage, and really the strongest and most talented come out.

“And even though the last few years have been tough for him because of his injuries, Marc has. I love MotoGP, it's unbelievable and I can't wait to see him in full form again."

Verstappen and Marquez are also the youngest ever winners in their respective categories.

Marquez: "I was 20, now I'm 29. Long time no see."

Verstappen: 'I'm 18 and I'm 25 now, so seven years ago. It was great to be able to. The stat is one. More.”

Marquez: "We only talk about it again when someone beats that record. It's life, it happens. Championships are more important."

What does Verstappen love about MotoGP?

Marquez said of F1: in the race.

“Instead, in Formula 1 you have to focus completely on the track and trust the walls 100%. Otherwise they say they don't have permission."