Majority of buyers want eco-friendly cars, according to new study

Dan Smith

An overwhelming majority of buyers prefer eco-friendly brands, according to a new survey released by shipping company Norfolk Southern. The survey asked 1,027 US car buyers to provide their sustainability purchasing preferences. Norfolk Southern said in a press release that "he would choose one car brand over another if more than two-thirds had sustainability certification for their manufacturing and transportation processes." increase. On the other hand, 904 (88%) of the participants confirmed that they would research the company's environmental practices before deciding to purchase a car. These two findings will have a significant impact on the automotive industry and provide key insights for retailers. Automakers are under intense scrutiny for their contribution to emissions and pollution. Given the vast amount of materials such as rubber, glass, plastic, and metal consumed in production, caution is warranted. Norfolk Southern's pool of respondents was small, but evidence that buyers surveyed and avoided companies without green certifications shows that poor environmental practices can have economic consequences. Emphasizes. Automakers and dealers can suffer losses if they fail to meet environmental standards. While green initiatives are laudable from a social responsibility standpoint, the study shows that sustainable production has a significant impact on the image and finances of automakers. Businesses should see sustainability as a competitive benchmark. For dealers, the need to rely on brands with a proven history of tackling climate change is underscored. In the future, producers and sellers will have to work together to reduce their environmental impact and attract consumers.
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