Kirby Subaru of Ventura surprises homeless Santa Barbara woman with brand new car for saving man’s life during accident

Dan Smith

Ventura, CA (KABC) -- Rebecca Neal and her dog Bella were surprised to see a brand new Ventura Kirby Subaru.

On November 17th, she took action after a man was in a car accident.

His car burst into flames and he was trapped inside, but Neil and other good Samaritans helped him out of the car.

"I know he's going to live and that's the most important thing, knowing that the family isn't grieving the loss of one of their family members, especially right before the holidays," said Neil. Told.

After that heroic act, people started a GoFundMe for her themselves. This is how Ventura's Kirby her Subaru found out about Neil's act of kindness.

For Neil, a car is more than just a means of transportation, it's also a home.

She has been living away from her car after going through a tough time.

"I was pretty overwhelmed. It's like a dream come true. That night, when I jumped out of the car, nothing like this happened then, or in millions of years. It was," said Neil.

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