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“I Have 33 Cars”: Andrew Tate Challenges Greta Thunberg, Regrets It Immediately

We all know Greta Thunberg has a priority of saving the planet. She doesn’t condone burning fossil fuels, but apparently, Greta is okay with getting sick burns on Twitter. Provoked. For some reason, he thought it would be fun to tease her 19-year-old by showing off 33 cars in her face. However, he soon regretted it after she delivered her perfect comeback. This is already over 2.3. One million like.

Below, find the full story of how Tate tried to get under Greta’s skin, how she quickly shut him down, and some of the hilarious reactions viewers tweeted. Let us know how you feel about this situation in the comments below. And if you have any perfect Tate comebacks, feel free to share them too.Then if you’re interested in checking out a few more bored panda Here’s a Twitter post featuring Greta’s great sense of humor, and the perfect story to read next. Here, Here When Here!

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After being taunted by Andrew Tate on Twitter, Greta Thunberg quietly shut him down with the perfect reaction

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If you’re unfamiliar with the subject matter of this story, let me give you a little background on each character. 19 year old climate activist Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, she has made headlines in recent years through her passionate speeches and calls to action to protect the environment. She has spoken at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Climate Action Summit, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, and more.she devoted veganand she no longer travels by planebecause commercial flights account for 12% of transport emissions.

You may think that Greta’s achievements and everything she stands for are admirable, but anyone trying to rock the boat is bound to get a little backlash. Annoyed by the idea of ​​fighting climate change, for years we’ve dismissed and ridiculed Greta as a dramatic young woman. That’s why she wasn’t at all intimidated when she was called out on Twitter by Andrew Tate. And speaking of that interaction, let’s dig a little deeper into who exactly Andrew Tate is.

Andrew Tate is an American and British media personality and former professional kickboxer who has gained more notoriety than online fame in recent years. misogynistic TikTok and extreme views of women. Some of the ideas Tate spits out online are that women belong at home, can’t drive, and are the property of men. I have to,” and claims he prefers to date women between the ages of 18 and 19. He has posted videos depicting how he abuses women if they are caught cheating, and accused her ex of hitting her with her “silly hoe.” I am referring to my girlfriend.

Tate calls himself a “master of self-help,” but in reality his online presence encourages misogyny and hate. Many of his videos have gone viral on TikTok, an app with a huge audience of teens, and whether or not he’s “jokes” in a video can be lost on them. But he could be totally serious about all his claims. a video of him surfaced I actually hit a woman with a belt. It’s terrifying to learn that this guy has 3.4 million followers on Twitter and his TikTok was viewed before he got banned. 11.6 billion times.

I generally do not tolerate the use of vulgar language in response to trolls. Normally, I think it’s best to just take the public road and ignore people you don’t like. All she wants to do is make the planet safe for future generations, and no one needs her 33 cars. She would never have attacked Tate had he not bit first. We’d love to hear what you, Pandas, think about this Twitter drama below. Are you a fan of Greta’s reaction or did I put it differently?Also look for more of her Bored Panda article on how Greta owns other trolls on her Twitter If so, you can find those stories. Here, Here When Here!

Since the exchange occurred, the internet has gone wild, with millions liking Greta’s tweet and adding a joke about Andrew Tate

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