Hundreds of guns were stolen from cars, homes in Denver in 2022. Here’s how Denver police say you can safeguard firearms.

Dan Smith

DPD recently distributed about 100 gun locks.
According to Denver Police, hundreds of guns were stolen from Denver cars and homes in 2022, some in the hands of minors. Data shows an 85% increase in gun thefts citywide since 2019. About 1,000 guns were stolen from cars, stolen cars and burglarized homes. According to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, six shootings have occurred as a result of boys obtaining weapons in their homes. But there are practical steps people can take to keep guns out of reach. He said it was the result of using a gun. Denver police recently partnered with five parks and recreation centers in the city to provide free gun locks to help people store their weapons, Thomas said. More than 100 gun locks were handed out during the giveaway, police said. Those interested in obtaining the lock can contact the local police department. A gun lock is a device that can be looped through a gun's magazine chamber and can also be looped through the gun's firing port. This prevents the gun from being loaded, added Thomas. "If you store firearms at home, I think it's important to keep them in a safe with a locking mechanism so they can't be accessed by anyone breaking into your home, not just other family members." said Thomas. The Denver Police Department provided tips and resources for protecting guns and keeping them away from others.
  1. Never store a gun in your car. Unfortunately, cars break down quite regularly.
  2. Keep your gun in a locked and secure safe.
  3. Use a gun lock on the gun itself to prevent the weapon from firing.