Here’s Why The BMW E90 3 Series Is A Great First Drift Car

Dan Smith

There are many reasons why the BMW E90 3 Series is the perfect first drift car, and we'll take a closer look at them here.

of BMW The E90 is a 3-series built between 2004 and 2010 with a relatively low entry cost and plenty of room for modifications. The E90 features his one of the best chassis in BMW history. The rear-wheel drive setup with perfect weight distribution is predictable and easy to understand, making it perfect for drifting. The power steering system is also very well tuned. It's fast and light enough, yet heavy enough that you can feel what the car is doing when you hit a sharp corner or understeer. But the E90 isn't just the first drift car. It's also a great all-around car. It's comfortable enough to drive every day, yet fast enough to keep up with most cars on the road. If you buy an E90, make sure it has a manual transmission. This is the key to mastering drift. This is because with a manual transmission you can control the car by shifting gears and using the clutch pedal (which is important). Without a manual transmission, all power is always sent directly to the wheels, making the car difficult to control. That said, there are several reasons why the BMW E90 is the perfect beginner drift car. RELATED: Here's Why The BMW E46 3-Series Is A Great First Drift Car

The BMW E90 3 Series was built from many legendary racing programs

BMW 335i Racing Edition
BMW's E90 is a legendary platform for drifting as they built the BMW E90 from their legendary racing platform. The M3 was his one of the most successful touring car racers in history and showed that BMW can build the best hardware in the world. The M3 was so successful that he used it as the basis for his Drift Formula car and won many races in his first four years. The BMW 335i racing car was designed by BMW Motorsport and built by Schnitzer Motorsport for the 2002 24 Hours of Nürburgring. 2003 and 2004 he won this race two years in a row (with a different driver each year). The car had a 3.2-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine that produced 380 horsepower at 7200 RPM and 332 ft-lbs of torque at 4900 RPM. on the M3 GT4).

The BMW E90 3 Series has a strong chassis that can beat

Blue BMW 355i
Drifting has grown in popularity over the last decade and is now one of America's most popular motorsports. People love this kind of racing because it's exciting to watch and easy to understand. If you want to drift yourself there are some great cars available at affordable prices that make a great platform for learning how to drift one such car is his BMW 335i . The 335i's engine is a 3.0-liter inline-six that puts out 300-350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque right out of the box. When BMW Motorsport designed this engine, it drew on its experience building engines for Formula 1 racing teams and other motorsport series around the world. This means it's not only powerful, but reliable and durable enough to withstand stressful situations like drifting. They have proven their engine successful in many other forms of motorsport, so it makes sense that people would want to use it for their own purposes as well! RELATED: Here's Why You Should Pick the BMW E36 3-Series as Your First Drift Car

Aftermarket parts and engines for the BMW E90 3 Series are widely available

You can turn your BMW E90 into a powerful drift machine by adding aftermarket parts. There are many companies that provide body kits, suspension components, wheels and tires, and even engines for the E90 platform. If you're experienced with car wrenches and don't mind doing your own research, choosing your own parts is a great way to personalize your build. HGK Performance sells a wide range of body kits for the E90 platform, from mild to wild. If you're looking for something more subtle than most cars in drift competition, the Carbon Kevlar Fender Flares provide ample protection against street and track impacts while still being extremely lightweight. We also offer a carbon fiber hood, front lip, side skirts and a front bumper cover with integrated canards to create downforce without adding any weight. BMW Motorsport, the same department that designs and builds F1 engines, designed and built the S65 V8 engine that powers the BMW M3 E90. This engine can easily be replaced on the BMW 335i as a direct swap. They use his S65 V8 in many racing applications including the GT3 class, race cars such as the Z4 M Coupe and M3 GT4. This engine is known for its durability, power and reliability. Adjusting for more power is also very easy if that's your thing.
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