Here’s What We Love About This Driveable Wooden Audi Skysphere Concept Car

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It's Christmas and Hanukkah time. That is, children get excited about the gift-giving tradition and parents experience "Christmas stress."according to Northern Life Family Magazine6 in 10 parents suffer from 'Christmas stress'. Fox News, on the other hand, points out that this time of year can be stressful for little ones, too. I have mixed feelings," said Dr. Rama Bazzi, a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. Fox news digital. Dr. Christopher L. Edwards, Psychologist, Adjunct Professor North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina reinforced the same argument in a statement Fox news digital. Dr. Christopher L. Edwards said: Not surprisingly, this holiday season has been even more stressful with inflation and rising prices, making gifts and holiday essentials even more expensive.according to bank rate A survey of 40 seasonal items included in the Department of Labor's Consumer Price Index found that 88% of holiday essentials increased in price from the previous year. Unfortunately, the situation has forced parents to take drastic measures, like telling their kids that Santa doesn't exist, or letting their families know they can't afford Christmas gifts this year. But other parents have turned to DIY tutorials to design and build the most amazing homemade gifts. If you're looking for inspiration for next year, check out our driveable wooden bikes. audi A Sky Sphere concept car built by a father for his daughter. RELATED: Here's What Makes the Audi Skysphere Concept So Cool

Audi Skysphere concept car looks like a wooden drivable toy

If you think it's cool that your dad takes you fishing or to a New York Mets game, think again that it's because he built a kid-sized Audi Skysphere concept car for his daughter. Drivable replica has functional lighting, turn signals, and other incredible components. “The proportions, details, and scaling feel accurate, but what is most impressive is the craftsmanship involved in getting those details right,” he says. drive“It took me two and a half months to build this car from scratch, all out of wood. It shows the different tools and skills used to To be fair, only this creative father went above and beyond when it came to creating the coolest wooden cars. Bugatti Veyron was manufactured. The workshop sold a gorgeous replica to a German client who paid around $3,300 for a wooden car.The workshop built the replica from teak scraps and the cabin interior features exceptional detail I was doing it. But that's not all. The workshop also created a wooden prototype of a Mercedes-Benz 300SL with working gullwing doors. In the past few decades, creative people have created additional wooden cars. And surprisingly, the Maniwa, which reaches top speeds of 50 mph, commissioned by Japanese firm Sada Kenbi, is powered by a 4.6-liter V8 engine. Some, like the sprinter Trian II, ran at full blast.Top speed of 100 mph, according to American Paul & Timber. RELATED: These Drivable Cars Are Made Of Wood

audi skysphere

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Considering how great the Audi Skysphere really is, it makes sense that the ingenious parent chose this car as the model for their daughter's wooden car. The German automaker will unveil her fourth and final 'Sphere' concept on January 26th, but some images are already available online. The electric 2-door convertible roadster comes with the latest in on-board technology, the most luxurious cabin and power plant. In the last 16 months, Audi has launched three dramatic vehicles under the name 'Sphere', but the model Audi will showcase in his January should be the last. “The Audi Skysphere Concept is the name of an electric two-door convertible with lines that lead directly to future Audi design. in a media release. “With it, the brand demonstrates a vision of the progressive luxury segment of the future, where the interior becomes an interactive space and the vehicle becomes a platform for captivating experiences. It's made possible thanks to a revolutionary redesign and a seamless digital ecosystem." Sources: Northern Life Family Magazine, Fox News, Audi, New York Post, Reddit, CPA Practice Advisors, YouTube, American Pole & Timber